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a specialist in the care of babies

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An overwhelming majority of pediatricians (71 percent) say all baby formulas, as regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are the same, including Store Brand Formulas, which cost a fraction of the higher priced brands.
Let us calculate the probability of patients belonging to the group 2 after passing rehabilitation at the pediatrician.
Because pediatricians see children early and frequently, they can play a role in identifying high-risk children.
Pediatricians, gay or straight, should make a point of talking to their state legislators about the importance of legal rights for gay and lesbian parents.
The government's plan to provide round-the-clock emergency medical care for children nationwide is progressing far slower than expected, due largely to a dearth of pediatricians, health ministry sources said Thursday.
Although pediatricians can usually help parents navigate sleep issues, in cases that require time and extra counseling, a sleep specialist can be beneficial, said Encino pediatrician JJ Levenstein.
I remember her as a lovely young lady; very, very bright--and recognizably so at a young age," says David Haskins, MD, Wyllie's childhood pediatrician.
com/research/e2c4aa/how_to_get_publish) has announced the addition of the "How to Get Published as a Pediatrician - Surefire Ways for Publishing Articles, Columns, and/or a Book as a Way to Establish Yourself as a Leading Medical Expert" audioconference to their offering.
Another pediatrician from Maryland wrote: "I'm so pleased to be able to offer better support and guidance to concerned parents.
Jeffrey Stoddard, a pediatrician and the American Academy of Pediatrics' liaison to the AACAP's Steering Committee on Workforce Issues.
Norman Lavin, a UCLA professor and pediatrician at Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Center, says first-time parents like the Tans face challenges both unique and universal.
The partnership of family and pediatrician is a critical and long-standing one in the health of any child -- and particularly for that of a child with a disability.
The pediatrician is appraised of the circumstances.
We anticipate that as pediatricians adopt and use this EMR, further improvements will be made to make this the best pediatrician friendly EMR product ever brought to market, and look forward to engaging Kallo's development team to reach this goal.