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a specialist in the care of babies

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The primary predictor of interest is the number of pediatricians per 1,000 population under the age of 5 (pediatrician density).
The response rate was 61% (252) for family physicians, 70% (282) for pediatricians, and 66% overall (534/815).
In order to gauge what's really happening, life science market insights technology firm InCrowd surveyed 263 US-based pediatricians to obtain real-time data surrounding their perspectives on vaccine trends among their patients.
The pediatrician who examined the infant initially should have cultured the vesicles (and made sure that acyclovir was given) or consulted with, or referred the child to, a specialist.
In this situation, no pediatrician gives the same advice as any of the others.
Because pediatricians see children early and frequently, they can play a role in identifying high-risk children.
Both are pediatricians who did their residencies at Howard University.
Parents of children in low risk ZIP codes are supposed to be asked by their pediatricians a series of questions-the assessment designed to find out whether the child might have been exposed.
Kennell: Some of the early pediatricians did studies on babies that had died, on how much fluid the stomach could hold.
David Dugger, a pediatrician in Gautier, Mississippi, who specializes in treating ADD/ADHD, admits that studies haven't proven a link between sugar and hyperactivity, but he says poor nutrition can definitely lead to behavioral problems.
When Ken Haller graduated from medical school in 1980, he decided to become a pediatrician, in part because, as a gay man, he thought it unlikely he would ever become a parent himself.
Caption: Pediatrician perceptions of parents' reasons for refusing vaccines
Freed is a pediatrician whose research centers on health management and policy, and he drew his findings from data collected annually by the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey.
The pediatrician and nurse who examined her found no abnormalities of the lungs, respiration, or oxygenation.