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a specialist in the care of babies

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Bright Futures/American Academy of Pediatrics developed a set of comprehensive health guidelines for well-child care, and many pediatricians follow these schedule and screening guidelines.
del Mundo received the Ramon Magsaysay Award for "Outstanding Public Service," and was named "Most Outstanding Pediatrician and Humanitarian" at 15th International Congress of Pediatrics Award, both in 1977.
Less than one third of pediatricians report routine communication with MH specialists to whom they refer (Pfefferle, 2007), even though patients' parents desire collaborative consultation (Greene, Ford, Ward-Zimmerman, & Foster, 2015).
When medications, treatments, or procedures are necessary, discuss all of the options with the pediatrician. Ask the doctor to address the risks, benefits and costs of each option.
The primary predictor of interest is the number of pediatricians per 1,000 population under the age of 5 (pediatrician density).
The response rate was 61% (252) for family physicians, 70% (282) for pediatricians, and 66% overall (534/815).
In order to gauge what's really happening, life science market insights technology firm InCrowd surveyed 263 US-based pediatricians to obtain real-time data surrounding their perspectives on vaccine trends among their patients.
In both the in-office and outside specialist programs, the pediatrician was updated on the patient's care and could prescribe medication for the child when necessary.
The pediatrician as source of information about child development.
To assess service availability and pediatricians' methods of evaluating and treating high-risk patients, investigators analyzed data from a national survey conducted by the AAP in May-September 2005.
The I-st stage: determining the state by the patient-child (or by his patients), which is expressed by choosing one or another specialist (we mean a pediatrician or a specialist of social work).
However, in this unusual case both a trial court and an appellate court ruled that a physician who practiced pediatrics could not testify against an advanced practice nurse who, for all practical purposes, was practicing as a pediatrician!
Thank you, Ebony, for your article, "Finding the Right Pediatrician" (Oct.
The anthrax scare, which remains unsolved but has so far not been proven to be the work of terrorists, was the first of several crises that mark the charismatic 40-year-old pediatrician's term.