pedestrian crossing

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street crossing where pedestrians have right of way

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An exhibition will be held at the Memorial Hall, Northop, on Friday, February 19, between 11am and 7pm, to consider a proposed pedestrian crossing point on the main road in the village.
A law was recently passed making it an offence for pedestrians to cross a road where there was no pedestrian crossing, if there was a crossing within a hundred metres.
But Charlie Rooney, Middlesbrough Council's executive member for transport, is reporting to councillors that the authority has received comments about the lack of a pedestrian crossing facility.
RESIDENTS across the city are calling for road improvements, including pedestrian crossings and traffic calming in their neighbourhoods.
The April assessment was 'incorrect' and the inherent risk factors at Elsenham were in fact among the highest at any station pedestrian crossing on the mainline network, said the report from the Rail Accident Investigation Branch.
Locals claimed the pedestrian crossing was installed recently and had never worked.
An online petition - Pedestrian Crossings For Shire Oak Group - has been set up demanding action following the death of Jack Garrington, a pupil at Shire Oak Academy in Brownhills.
If a car has stopped at a pedestrian crossing chances are he or she is letting across a pedestrian….
A PARENT school governor is calling for a new pedestrian crossing near two busy Almondbury schools.
This was regarding cars turning right at the junction of Wood Street and Havelock Street and Sgt McNeill states that drivers are not only contravening the traffic directions but also driving directly towards a pedestrian crossing and this is an area that will now be monitored.
Dave Faulkner, head of highways and transportation said: "Work is being undertaken to resurface the carriageway and upgrade the pedestrian crossing.
Thirty-eight people were each fined [euro]86 for parking on a pedestrian crossing, while 15 drivers were charged with not stopping at a crossing.
A DRIVER who mowed down a man on a pedestrian crossing has been jailed for two years.
A shopkeeper has started a petition for a pedestrian crossing after declaring the roads around his shop unsafe because of the number of cars parking nearby to use the Metro.