pedestrian crossing

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street crossing where pedestrians have right of way

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Drivers simply do not have enough time to stop the car or go round the pedestrian crossing the road in a wrong place," the statement said.
The Abu Dhabi Traffic and Patrols Directorate has advised pedestrians to use underpasses, bridges and zebra lines to cross roads and urged motorists to slow down near schools and before pedestrian crossings and give them the right of way.
His truck continued forward, hitting the man on the pedestrian crossing.
13, pedestrian crossing lights now show a green man walking hand-in-hand with his girlfriend on green lights, while the red light shows the man proposing to his girlfriend and a heart between them.
I believe that the council previously looked installing a pedestrian crossing in this area quite a few years ago, but nothing ever came of it.
There are requirements that the pedestrian crossing should be visible from a distance of 30 m, he added.
The post Three members of family hit on pedestrian crossing appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The new pedestrian crossing, just west of 1-5, includes a transit facility and features 10 northbound processing lanes with 2 reversible lanes that will be open around the clock.
The pedestrian crossing will be closed until works are complete on Beach Road, expected to be in late May 2016.
The new pedestrian crossing lights will always show green unless someone wants to cross over when they will change to red.
Pedestrian crossing caused a great impact on road capacity [2].
A PEDESTRIAN crossing in Speke, branded the "worst ever seen", has not been made safer due to a lack of funding, the council has claimed.
I suggest that a law or local ordinance should be passed prohibiting pedestrian crossing except through elevated walkways or pedestrian overpasses or marked crosswalks, especially where one of such facilities is available.
A MOTORIST has been convicted of causing the death by careless driving of a 79-year-old man who was knocked over in a 10mph "lowspeed impact collision" on a pedestrian crossing.
A TEMPORARY pedestrian crossing has been installed outside Ysgol Deganwy, as Conwy council has failed to recruit a lollipop man.