pedestrian bridge

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a bridge designed for pedestrians

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The CNN quoted a spokesman with the Florida Highway Patrol as saying that multiple people died as a result of a pedestrian bridge collapse at the university.
Village leaders began talking about a pedestrian bridge at the tracks in 2012 as part of the village's ongoing downtown redevelopment plans.
The installation of the first pedestrian bridge is an achievement at the State's level.
Fifty percent of the work on construction of the parking lot has been completed, the construction of pedestals of the pedestrian bridge has also been completed, he added.
When contacted, an official of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) said that the pedestrian bridge was not part of the original [road] plan.
The estimated opening of the University Place pedestrian bridge is scheduled for July 1, 2017.
The country's first pedestrian bridge with walkalators will allow a person to walk the distance between Naia 3 and Newport City in less than 10 minutes,' Public Works Secretary Mark Villar said.
Residents have long been demanding a pedestrian bridge on the highway, with a speed limit of 100km/h, as many pedestrians have been struck by cars.
The Cabinet has given approval to a draft decision by HE Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Metab Al-Rumaihi, Qatar's Minister of Municipality and Environment, to establish a committee to oversee pedestrian bridge construction.
A BD350,000 pedestrian bridge that links Southern and Central governorates was inaugurated in Riffa yesterday.
A MAJOR milestone has been reached in the project to build a new pedestrian bridge over the ring road from Coventry train station.
Set over the Bow River in the town of Banff, the Bow River Pedestrian Bridge, with a clear span of 80 meters, is considered the longest timber bridge of its kind.
Pedestrian bridge is a safe channel for pedestrians without causing any delays in the motor vehicle flow.
Both are believed to have been spotted in the River Seven after the pedestrian bridge collapsed.