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sexual relations between a man and a boy (usually anal intercourse with the boy as a passive partner)

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See also Valerie Traub's challenge to the notion that pederasty and effeminacy were primary modes of male homosexual expression in this period (Desire and Anxiety: Circulations of Sexuality in Shakespearean Drama [New York: Routledge, 1992], 94).
Like Casement's pederasty, these men have secret sins.
The age when uncritical essentialism (15) was acceptable in discussions of Greco-Roman homosexuality is hopefully long gone, and a social-constructionist interpretation of the love story which is sensitive to the ancient preconceptions about pederasty will let one better understand how Xenophon intended to depict, and his immediate audience would have perceived, Hippothoos the erastes.
Thus illegal drug use, smoking, overeating, gambling, shoplifting, sexual promiscuity, pederasty, rambunctiousness, shyness, anxiety, unhappiness, racial bigotry, unconventional religious beliefs, and suicide are all considered diseases or symptoms of diseases--things that happen to people against their will.
The variety of homosexuality customarily practiced in Renaissance Florence was thus non - exclusive pederasty.
As social barriers began to undergo contest and Oxonian tutors and their pupils began to develop closer, less formal relationships, Dowling demonstrates, the pederasty celebrated by the Ancients began to be practiced in earnest by the Moderns.
explore Greek pederasty as a central characteristic of ancient Greek culture through a focus on the depiction of pederasty on vase paintings.
If Americans do not arouse in themselves a sense of outrage and revulsion sufficient to roll back the rising tide of depravity, this is what we will soon face: legalized homosexual "unions," followed by homosexual marriages legally on par with heterosexual marriages; increased persecution and prosecution of individuals and groups (Boys Scouts, Christian schools, churches, religious organizations) for "discrimination," "intolerance," and "hate crimes"; abolition of age-of-consent and pederasty laws; mandatory pro-homosexual classes and curricula in all schools.
The remarks reported by his associates Thomas Kyd and Richard Baines are a startling medley of scoffing at the low literary quality of the gospels, the possible homosexuality of Jesus, the delights of tobacco and pederasty, and the palpable absurdity of religion.
In addition to pederasty, one must look at coerced sexual relations forced on young girls and adult women, including nuns.
Images of Ancient Pederasty offers: first, the series of intelligent and resourceful essays by Lear and Cantarella on various aspects of the representation of pederasty in Athenian vase-painting; second, more than 110 illustrations of the most significant examples of the different typologies; and third, an appendix based on research undertaken by the late Keith DeVries, listing all, or nearly all, extant examples of pederastic and male homosexual scenes on Greek vases.
Among their topics are the dispersion of pederasty and the athletic revolution in sixth-century BC Greece, homo-erotic attachments in Sappho, some myths and anomalies in the study of Roman sexuality, how German classical philology engendered gay scholarship, and Greece and Rome in gay print culture 1953-65.
Laura Schlessinger, the popular radio psychologist, who dared to expose and oppose the agenda to legalize and normalize pederasty (homosexual molestation of a child by an adult).
To those of us who read the roman a clef Windswept House by the late Malachi Martin when it came out about five years ago, the revelations of pederasty on the part of a number of priests, as well as a few bishops and perhaps even cardinals, was not really surprising.
Vatican officials point out that there is already a document from 1961, governing members of religious communities, which recommends not admitting anyone to sacred vows who has "perverse inclinations to homosexuality or pederasty.