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of homosexuality between a man and a boy


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In Death in Venice Aschenbach's fascination with, and longing for, young Tadzio, is simultaneously presented as a veneration of youth and beauty and a disparagement of senescence; the preoccupation obscures the implicit pederastic desire that lies beneath.
Hyacinth was also evoked in the literature at the time for pederastic reasons, such as in Antonio Rocco's rhetorical dialogue L'Alcibiade Fanciullo a Scola (1652), which was written in defense of pederasty:
In contrast to the rejected passage cited earlier, this one is normalizing in character: deleting the references to inspirer and hearer characteristic of Greek pederastic tradition, to the "sweet liquor" of the breeze "pulling round the weather-cocks," and to the male "forms in Nebuchadnezzar's furnace.
The popularity of these pederastic relationships in Fujian, where they even had a patron god, Tu Er Shen, gave rise to one of the euphemistic expressions for same-sex love in China, "the southern custom.
The poetic representation of Kronberger in Der siebente Ring thus functions for George as a means of transforming what appears to be a "straightforwardly" pederastic relationship into a productive one in which the goal of self-propagation is achieved.
This rustic was familiar to Vergil's audience from rhetorical and oratorical tradition (37) but again love, either homosexual or pederastic, and learned poetry was alien to him.
Orvis turns his attention to the overlooked 'portrayal of the pederastic love affair between Jupiter and Ganymede' in Marlowe's play (102).
He was particularly fond of the work of Symonds, a gay poet who wrote theoretical essays defending both pederastic and egalitarian relationships between men, one of the first writers to openly defend homosexuality and speak for the reformation of the anti-gay legislation of Victorian England.
Needless to say, the torture and martyrdom of Francisquito in Banos, ordered by the cruel, pederastic Muslim Cadi, presents a problem for those who believe that Cervantes has become much more tolerant of religious difference toward the end of his life.
The pederastic relationship, as James Davidson has noted, is less threatening and more broadly productive than inter-gender sexual interactions:
However, antithetical to the Twilight saga, Mel, our teenage female protagonist, is critical of the romantic vampire mythos, especially the pederastic relationship between centuries-old vampires and real teenage girls.
Yet it is not quite pederastic, even though the victim in Goethe's poem is a young boy.
The following section, "desire and the other," centers on the alternatives to the "main pothos," namely pederastic love and the protagonists' rivals.
For the Greek use of hair growth as pederastic liminal sign, see the sections taken by Cantarella 1992:37-39 from the Greek Anthology.