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of homosexuality between a man and a boy


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Hyacinth was also evoked in the literature at the time for pederastic reasons, such as in Antonio Rocco's rhetorical dialogue L'Alcibiade Fanciullo a Scola (1652), which was written in defense of pederasty:
The popularity of these pederastic relationships in Fujian, where they even had a patron god, Tu Er Shen, gave rise to one of the euphemistic expressions for same-sex love in China, "the southern custom.
Those who succumbed to passion were viewed as succumbing to destructive natural forces, considered a contrast to the exchange of gifts in a pederastic relationship in which the young man pleasured the lover for learning and training into the role of citizenship.
Plato preserves its pederastic overtones, however, by replacing the riddle of the foot with a riddle of wood and rock.
Dover portrayed pederastic relationships as strictly hierarchical affairs wherein older "lovers" had all the fun at the expense of sexually and emotionally passive--i.
Plato's Symposium epitomizes the misconstrual; seekers of Beauty to achieve immortality are encouraged to rise from pederastic love of physical beauty to soulful beauty on to beautiful learning until finally you reach contemplating beauty itself (209e5-212a7).
But at the very ending of the chapter, noting Horace's well-known vulnerability to pederastic desire--the love of young girls and boys--Sinfield concludes that Jonson need not address it because it was not worth addressing: "unlicensed cross-gender relations were regarded as more dangerous than private, same-gender liaisons" (51-52).
At the same time, there were jurists who resisted such sweeping prohibitions and allowed the composition of pederastic love-poetry.
So when Bacon writes that the new order of scientific research demands that we "not make scruple of entering and penetrating into these holes and corners" of nature, we may be mistaking a representation of the foraminous or a multiply perforated body for a misogynistic or pederastic injunction to exert domination through sexual penetration.
61) He was a man infatuated with violence, homosexual murder, pederastic rape, disembowelment (of himself, others, lovers, and kittens), and the sexual ecstasies of suicide long before politics aroused his interest.
26, also does not cohere with a pederastic conception of homosexuality; one is at pains to see how homosexual activity by women (among whom the practice of pederasty was unknown) is illustrative of or synonymous to the specific practice of pederasty among men.
That, however, the eros in question, at least in the original, is almost exclusively pederastic, might lead us to ask how a text comprised primarily of speeches celebrating relationships whose consummation was punishable by death in sixteenth-century France could be reconfigured in the same time and place for such a paradigmatically straight and officially-sanctioned context as a royal wedding--until we recall that the dominant trajectory of Renaissance theories of eros inspired by the Symposium was one of progressive heterosexualization.
As is well known, the West has followed a remarkable path from Greek pederastic paideia politics (and centuries of its academic interpretation) (Percy, III, 1996), anti-masturbation crusades (Hall, 1991; Pryke, 2005), discussions of the Oedipal stage, the absent father, "developmentally expected" adolescent homosexuality (Spurlock, 2002), "gender disorder" (Sedgwick, 1993; compare Zucker & Spitzer, 2005), sissiness (Grant, 2004), and circumcision (e.
Lamb undoubtedly expected his audience to recognize the false note of aphrodisiac or pederastic cannibalism, the submerged sexual component in Elia's voracious longing for the piglet.