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a man who has sex (usually sodomy) with a boy as the passive partner

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As the festivities commence, Agathon, an effeminate, cross-dressing pederast, (104) releases his slaves, inviting them to behave as if they were his masters.
He continued his argument saying that some of the countries which enacted either same-sex marriage or cohabitation agreements "then also granted them the right to adopt children, resulting today in the decriminalization of bestiality or the creation of a pederast party".
Calypso, once orphaned, found herself in girlhood under the guardianship of Count August von Platen-Hallermund, a pederast who, in his manor at Angelshorn, maintained a harem of boys under the guise of initiating them into philosophy and mysticism.
As much literary biography as interpretation, "A Gay Cuban Activist in Exile" also reveals how Arenas disguised and misused his criminal conviction in Cuba as a homosexual pederast.
Sold as a slave to a pederast, a Moor noble, Alaric is rejected because his battle scars mar his beauty.
He said: "I am a children's entertainer and there's a terrible misconception that if you are gay, you are a pederast.
2) Voltaire chose [the name Bulgare] to represent the Prussians of Frederick the Great because he had reason to think that Frederick was a pederast and because the French bougre, like the English "bugger," comes from (Bulgare) Bulgarian (Frame 99).
But he remained self-deluded; as he wrote to one of them, "Don't call me a pederast, it hurts my feelings.
Hector is a mild pederast - but no paedophile who molests children.
But while Peter Whitmore may be the most notorious pederast in the country today, an investigation by the Western Standard shows that there are many more Peter Whitmores at large--men with a long history of sexual attacks on children, rotated in and out of prison, but now living free.
By far the most shocking and suspenseful scene (maybe the only one) involves Gabriel being mistaken for a pederast, which is so not the case.
They can manufacture lying or scandalous stories about your opponent: an anti-Semite, a drug addict, a pederast, a C.
From Fritz Lang's 1931 film, "M," starring Peter Lorre as a homicidal pederast, to Pedro Almodovar's recent film, "Bad Education," about priestly indiscretions with young boys, an ample filmography suggests that this subject fascinates even as it repels people.
33) While there is no apparently acceptable punishment for these types of crimes (for example, abusing a pederast's own child or abusing the pederast himself are obviously unacceptable punishments), Kant is also clear that these crimes nonetheless merit punishment and such punishment cannot be left to the vagaries of the individual judge's will.
Jacky is falling in love with another ship's boy, Jaimy, who in horror tells her he is afraid he is like a pederast because he is attracted to her (Jaimy thinks she is a boy at this point).