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a man who has sex (usually sodomy) with a boy as the passive partner

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Callicratidas, the Athenian pederast, equates going to the temple (site) with going to see something female (sight) and is less than excited:
The company closed its warehouse and distribution center in Rio Pederast and will concentrate its efforts on sales, administration and customer service, said Francisco Quiroz, Bayer's senior operations manager in Puerto Rico, adding "This decision will allow the company to grow its business and customer base.
For spare cash she routinely pimps him out to a pederast.
Unlike Strange Landscape, Diary of an Innocent doesn't couch its pedophilia in a hazy, violent dream-world, but in the straightforward account of a rather active Mediterranean pederast.
The slave master takes a naturally independent man and infantilizes him into dependency; the pederast takes a naturally dependent child and (mis)treats him as a free adult.
Among the (otherwise entirely noble) contributors are several known Communist agents, a pederast, a terrorist and two men involved in a bloody prison revolt.
Say 'hello' to John Wayne Gacy, businessman, pederast, serial killer and clown.
He continued his argument saying that some of the countries which enacted either same-sex marriage or cohabitation agreements "then also granted them the right to adopt children, resulting today in the decriminalization of bestiality or the creation of a pederast party".
Haley's startling comeback turn as a repulsive yet pathetic pederast in "Little Children" three years ago certainly qualified him to breathe new life into the striped sweater of this child-abusing villain.
Keeping in mind the questionable activities of the pederast priest of the fourth chapter, might this not have been a Freudian slip on the part of the author?
As much literary biography as interpretation, "A Gay Cuban Activist in Exile" also reveals how Arenas disguised and misused his criminal conviction in Cuba as a homosexual pederast.
Sold as a slave to a pederast, a Moor noble, Alaric is rejected because his battle scars mar his beauty.
He was a pederast with a consuming obsession with adolescent boys between the ages of approximately eleven and sixteen.
In one telling scene, for instance, a man pimps a boy to a pederast who might be an officer of a non-governmental organization.
He said: "I am a children's entertainer and there's a terrible misconception that if you are gay, you are a pederast.