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the act of selling goods for a living

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Primicias-Agabas, along with its authors strongly defended the bill in plenary, entitled the "Anti-Influence Peddling Act," in substitution of the original HB 1585 principally authored by Rep.
The duo denied charges of peddling drugs but admitted to using them, specifically crystal meth.
The prosecution has accused a Yemeni, 33, and a Saudi, 23, of drug peddling and an Emirati man of consuming hashish and narcotic substance amphetamine.
with possessing more than 5 kilograms of hashish and other forms and weights of banned substances such as heroin, Tramadol, methamphetamine and amphetamine for peddling purposes.
He said: "There was evidence that peddling wasn't all they were up to.
For the past few years, he has been busy peddling his racial and political message to unsavory audiences in Russia, Ukraine, and the Middle East.
Not to mention you completely contradicted yourselves by also publishing "They're Peddling Death.
A DRUG dealer caught peddling crack cocaine FOUR times escaped jail when a judge said he should get another chance.
A young father has been warned he faces prison in the new year for peddling heroin to his friends.
The peddling of credit cards to college students and the institutions' signing of exclusive soft drink and athletic shoe contracts--with hefty kickbacks going to the schools signal "a marriage of commercial and educational values, " the authors argue.
Considering public office as a benefice necessarily results in favouritism, which in turn leads to the abuse and misuse of public money, bribery, graft, influence peddling and corruption," he said.
com and donated several hundred dollars by peddling T-shirts and soliciting donations.
Will decides he can begin his peddling business in that direction, doing what he can for Noah's brother and sister.
However, few regulations govern the industry, and an NBC undercover team had no trouble peddling diamonds from Sierra Leone to wholesalers in Manhattan's 47th Street jewelry district.
Robert Jackson remembers attending trade shows, peddling his etched glass products with promotional material no more sophisticated than some photographs pasted to a sheet of construction paper.