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Synonyms for peddler

Synonyms for peddler

a person who sells narcotics illegally


Synonyms for peddler

someone who travels about selling his wares (as on the streets or at carnivals)

an unlicensed dealer in illegal drugs

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A perfume that costs up to SR600 can be bought for less than SR200 at a wholesaler's store," said Um Yahya, another door-to-door Saudi peddler.
When a humble peddler is drafted on the ill-fated quest, he must keep his wits about him to hold any hope of survival.
Whereas two years ago many recyclers were worried that the peddler trade was a thing of the past, the East Coast recycler notes, "It's amazing how many new people have entered the world of recycling.
I sat down with them at practice to see how being a Smut Peddler has impacted them in their daily routines and in their lives.
Stealing South features Lucy's brother Will, who now is 16 years old and wants to become a peddler, leaving his small town behind.
ISLAMABAD -- A drug peddler was killed in police firing while two police personnel were tortured to death by the residents in Dora area, the suburbs of Islamabad.
Profil Peddler participants are cyclists representing all levels of athletic prowess, many of whom are affected by diabetes or supporting others with diabetes and many of whom are employees of the team organizer Profil Institute for Clinical Research, headquartered in Chula Vista.
Companies that primarily deal with commercial accounts are less concerned about theft because many of these recyclers have long-established relationships with their industrial customers and do not rely on the peddler trade.
It is the only city among the six where the county issues peddler permits.
Three cops, including a sub- inspector of the narcotics branch, have been booked for allegedly demanding a monthly income of ` 40,000 from an alleged drug peddler.
Jam Saraj said drug peddler Muhammad Waseem of New Grain Market was arrested in March.
Lahore -- Several actresses, singers and even eunuchs submitted their nomination forms to contest general election in Pakistan this year, in another surprise move, Chacha Mushtaq, a peddler, has announced to contest polls for a provincial assembly seat from Punjab province.
The state police was shocked after Prudent Media, a local channel, aired the confession of an Israeli drug- peddler.
Meanwhile a peddler named Yusuf was assaulted and beaten very badly.
A peddler with a fine bed on his cart rode by an old man working in his small garden with his dog, Happy.