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Synonyms for peddler

Synonyms for peddler

a person who sells narcotics illegally


Synonyms for peddler

someone who travels about selling his wares (as on the streets or at carnivals)

an unlicensed dealer in illegal drugs

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Sinsuat is believed to be a peddler of prohibited drugs not only in this town but also in other areas of Maguindanao.
In this book she turns her attention to the long noted but seldom seriously studied phenomenon of Jewish peddlers in the "New World," which she attempts to analyze using the lenses of transnational and global history, gender studies, and the history of everyday life.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Many peddlers were beaten during a brawl broke out when municipal police carried out an operation, in which many goods were confiscated, against peddlers in E[currency]irinevler neighborhood, located in Turkey's economic hub city of Istanbul.
In Roads Taken Hasia Diner rescues Jewish peddlers from historical obscurity and places them squarely in the vanguard of the mass migration that reshaped the Jewish world in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
The Pushcart War tells the story of a fight between the New York City trucking companies and the 509 pushcart peddlers.
com had also shown another peddler -- Atala ( full name not known) -- bragging about his friendship with Shirodkar.
the peddlers screamed, a disorganized chorus with knock-offs dangling from their arms.
We cleaned up the illegal peddlers, but we are constantly being tested," sighed Cusick.
BAHAWALPUR -- The city police have conducted raid in an area of Khairpur Tamewali tehsil and arrested a drug peddler besides recovering hashish from his possession.
Secretariat Police Station House Officer (SHO) Shabbir Tanoli told Dawn that vigilance had been mounted on the alleged peddler which led to his arrest.
LAHORE: The police arrested a drug peddler with a huge quantity of hashish during a raid on Friday.
The arrested drug peddler identified as Tariq Ahmad Teli was arrested with 4 kilograms of charas powder.
Yet in another operation, the ANF Rawalpindi recovered 200 gram heroin from possession of a drug peddler Danish Masih who was arrested from Village Mirza, Attock.
But I need money to support my family," said Um Omar, a 48-year-old Saudi door-to-door peddler.
When a humble peddler is drafted on the ill-fated quest, he must keep his wits about him to hold any hope of survival.