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Synonyms for peddle

Synonyms for peddle

to travel about selling goods

to engage in the illicit sale of (narcotics)


Synonyms for peddle

sell or offer for sale from place to place

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For more information contact Jim Peddle at president@playbookadvisory.
with possessing marijuana and said they the duo intended to peddle the narcotic.
Peddle also said that this is "a conservative market forecast".
Peddle founded Playbook Advisory in 2016 to offer merger & acquisition assistance to business owners operating companies up to $10,000,000.
Peddle said he wants to spend a good chunk of time early in his episcopacy listening.
Peddle argued that it was rude to keep waiting any persons who performed services for one.
Westly is also deeply concerned about those who peddle abusive tax shelters to willing and unwitting taxpayers.
com)-- Dan Kite, Managing Partner Chicgoland Sunbelt's Downtown office, is pleased to announce that Jim Peddle is joining the office as a Senior Broker.
Gee and Stephanie Peddle, Anglican Appeal co-ordinator, said that the appeal for victims of the December tsunami that killed nearly 300,000 people in parts of Asia and Africa, also affected their appeals.
Indeed, the widespread media coverage of the killing may result in increased skepticism concerning religious conservatives who peddle the notion that gay rights equals "special rights.
Spam as unsolicited mail shows no signs of abating over the Christmas period, as spammers attempt to peddle seasonal products to employees full of the Christmas spirit.
5 per cent from $790,885 in 2002, according to appeal coordinator Stephanie Peddle.
Criminals will always be seeking a new way to peddle their product.