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  • verb

Synonyms for peddle

Synonyms for peddle

to travel about selling goods

to engage in the illicit sale of (narcotics)


Synonyms for peddle

sell or offer for sale from place to place

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Contact Jim Peddle directly at 312-525-9622 or go to the company website for more information.
For Peddle, this requires a refocusing of vision around what the church is for.
At Flexjet, Peddle will be responsible for leading the company's sales organisation and overseeing marketing initiatives.
Directed by Daniel Peddle. Camera (color, DV), Jeanny Tsai, Peddle; editor, Yvette Wojciechowski; music, LU ...
Even at Liverpool Airport they peddle the same myth, that Europepaid for this to be built.
They opened warehouses and shops in urban centers to store and sell merchandise and used manpower from their home villages to spread out and peddle goods.
Prosecutors accuse him of broadcasting information with the aim to peddle drugs and also of using narcotics.
"It's been a record year for our two-year-old firm, with our Clients netting over $10mm from the sales of their privately held companies," stated Jim Peddle, President & Founder.
It was also celebrating the 125th anniversary of its current building, and was joined for the occasion by Archbishop Fred Hiltz, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, who was celebrating the 20th anniversary of his consecration as bishop, and by Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador's diocesan bishop, Geoff Peddle, who had celebrated the first anniversary of his own consecration the day before.
"I possessed marijuana but not to peddle it to othersEoACA* I had them for my personal consumption.
According to Reuters, Embraer's managing director Bruce Peddle said that the target of 200 aircraft is based on the expectations of a total demand for 410 aircraft in Asia, excluding China.
But he warned: 'Save for exceptional circumstances, the sentence for those whose peddle heroin, even to friends, is well established.'
This is a big 150-strong practice based in Sydney and Beijing with offices around south-east Asia including Auckland, where the practice is called Peddle Thorp Aitken.
DODGY dealers who peddle designer rip-offs and pirate products are to face tougher penalties as the Government acts to stop an pounds 8 billion racket.
In August 1937, The American Magazine described them this way: "Of the two men, Cohen is more the social philosopher, Corcoran more the lawyer working on an assignment with Uncle Sam as his client.' When Corcoran left the government in 1940 to peddle his influence, Cohen stayed on, continuing to peddle his ideals.