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an ostentatious and inappropriate display of learning

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The men's facades, the women's ability to prick those facades with strength and intelligence, making good sport of pedantry - all of those things exist in all of our lives now."
'dear Mr Wheeler, I took the liberty of showing a colleague the extract you faxed me' Bill had promised himself a glass of whisky as his reward for looking at Goetz's piece of pointless pedantry.
Sands obviously went to school on James Mason's nervous pedantry in "Lolita," and adds his men overbred voluptuous narcissism to the mix.
Some will see in its sheer mass an unfashionably robust claim to comprehensiveness and will hasten to record the lacunae (the present author, no exception to such pedantry, registered the absence of Martin Walser, a writer who has made his fair share of excursions into German-Jewish territory; Maxim Biller is also missing).
Her characteristic point of departure for the diversion of the everyday into the absurd is a point of linguistic pedantry. Thus, the apparently brimful but suspiciously lightweight Garbage Bag, 1996, is exactly what it says it is, despite the fact that it is filled with air rather than actual garbage.
This is sheer pedantry. But once you start to chew on something you might as well try and extract what flavour you can.
His first task will be to silence the scoffs of the outside world at the pedantry and stubbornness of Belfast politics.
In these and other translations, one can see how the Spanish translators went to great lengths to try to fill in what the foreign author had disregarded or to mitigate the excessively harsh judgment passed on Renaissance authors accused of pedantry because of their erudition.
A favorite target was the pretensions and pedantry of the learned.
A satire on the pedantry and sterility of academic scholarship, the book consists of a 999 - line poem and editorial commentary on the poem by a demented literary scholar who imagines himself to be the king of the mythical country Zembla.
For her to state that there is no such verb as "diarise" in the English dictionary is not pedantry but error.
The report adds, 'It would be inhuman pedantry to exclude from the control of our environment the human factor.
Mugging and playing to their invisible audience, Andre t@iegman (Andre Keuck) and Cal Gabriel (Calvin Robertson) veer from adolescent silliness to parody ("Welcome to this week's episode of Home Gun Review") to self-important pedantry as they lay out the steps of their training program and execute them one by one: First they set off Fourth of July fireworks and, next, pelt the house of a detested jock classmate with rotten eggs.
His excellent sense of humour works against the pedantry threatening the whole enterprise.
It is also inevitable that so programmatic a show will favor art that prefers punch lines to pathos and borders at times on pedantry tricked out in black humor's garb.