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an ostentatious and inappropriate display of learning

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PEDANTRY aside, although the UK joined a Regional Trade Block, the European Economic Community in 1974 under Ted Heath, with a Referendum being held under Harold Wilson in 1975, at no stage has the UK joined anything called a European Union.
As an elected councillor at Wrexham I have had to resort on many occasions to making FOI requests of my own council and a lot of the time they create work for themselves by jealously guarding the information to the point of pedantry and accessing it is like 'getting blood out of a stone.
Somewhat stodgy in tone and presentation, the text allows pedantry to overwhelm compassion and pragmatism.
Putting pedantry aside, let's give UAE drivers the benefit of the doubt.
Once again we would ask this board to stop engaging in half truths, pedantry and word play - tell fans the truth.
Having spent most of my adult life in universities, I do pedantry pretty good, which is why I was disturbed by early reports that "Birmingham Cathedral is planning a year-long series of faith and heritage events - including a 'Wow' arts project - to celebrate its 300th birthday in 2015" - in this very newspaper.
With all pedantry aside, this page-turner, which is also a work of serious scholarship, illuminates the workings of the Supreme Court and the effect it has on all our lives.
In other words, there are many delights here, but this graphic memoir fails as a truly coherent work because of what feels, at rimes, like intrusive pedantry.
But pedantry aside, and recognising that OMT might even not be needed if the possibility of action deters a major sell off in Spanish bonds to begin with, this latest news from the ECB in our view represents another tentative step forward in the slow process of euro area integration.
Sorry to be a spoilsport - but a pinch of pedantry is surely forgivable here?
I'm all for a bit of friendly pedantry occasionally, but it does pay to be bombproof in the first place.
Scholasticism" has long been a synonym for the worst kind of pedantry.
The result of the lampooning of pedantry by Dunkin--achieved by engaging in pedantry itself--is a bizarre appendix to the poem, it is testament to Dunkin's literary abilities and philological pursuits, and almost as entertaining in its fantasy and burlesque as the poem which it supports.
Issam Mahfouz wrote in his theater manifesto that he was "against consensus, against traditionalism, against futility, against laziness, against non-theaterC* and against the poetic word in theater, against intellectual pedantry, against rhetoric, against elocution, against song, against thought, against everything that kills life in the language of theater".
Evan Smith's "The Savannah Disputation" takes on the former with a mix of humor and pedantry.