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Synonyms for pedaler

a person who rides a pedal-driven vehicle (as a bicycle)

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Savoir nager ne m'a pas autrement emu et il n'y a guere que savoir lire qui alt egale en intensite mon savoir pedaler.
This is because an off-road bike's front chain rings are small for greater traction, and therefore make the pavement pedaler work harder than necessary.
Visitors are invited to experience the best of both worlds with the opening of a new cycling shop, The Pedaler offers three signature Victoria guided cycling tours: Beans and Bites, The Hoppy Hour Ride and Castles, Hoods and Legends.
S'adressant aux dependants de nourritures trop salees ou trop sucrees, le nutritionniste a indique que 50 minutes de jogging rapide sur un tapis de course, ou la meme duree passee a pedaler sur un velo d'appartement produirait aussi un [beaucoup moins que]sentiment de dependance et de bien-etre[beaucoup plus grand que].
L'equipement TricycleC En general, les enfants utilisent d'abord un tricycle sur lequel ils s'habituent a pedaler, vers l'age de deux ans et demi.
To reserve bikes, call The Pedaler near Langley (321-5040), or Chuck Dann's Sports (675-2122) in Oak Harbor; mountain and touring bikes cost about $15 a day.
Another pedaler, Katherine Morgenstern, was visiting Oregon from Texas.
They already were down a pedaler, Karl said, since one of their guys got cut off by a car and broke his wrist when he hit the pavement.
I like it all," said the precocious pedaler, who lives with her aunt and uncle, Kelly and Tony Fedirko, who are also her legal guardians.
Pedalers power the system, which provides simple, resistance-free motion that engages a child's leg muscles, lower back and core area.
Pedalers Express, a delivery service featuring a variety of cycling vehicles, has added the Distro Cycle, which is capable of delivering up to 800 pounds at a time.
The pedal bus, which came from a Minneapolis factory with the name "Moonshine Roadster," can accommodate groups of 15 people and needs at least 10 pedalers to make it go.
May 24 -- Seven Hills Wheelmen and Nashoba Valley Pedalers 33- or 66-mile road ride.
To power a modest-sized data center (50,000 servers) by bicycle power would require almost a million pedalers and an area equivalent to 347 football fields.