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Synonyms for pedaler

a person who rides a pedal-driven vehicle (as a bicycle)

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The Pedaler, a reputed company in St Victoria offers you Cycle Hire Vancouver Island.
The pedalers reacted and power returned to the speakers.
23, thousands of consumers and an array of celebrity VIP pedalers have ridden Power Rovers to generate more than 32,000 watt hours of energy, which will power the 2010 numerals for at least the first 30 minutes.
With bike generators: over a million generators, over four million pedalers, and almost half a million acres, which is 757 square miles (almost three times the size of Chicago).
But even the most experienced pedalers forget about the drives beneath them and run into things.
Celebrity pedalers, such as Kerry Butler and Constantine Maroulis from the Broadway show Rock of Ages (pictured), joined in.
This is what a cyclist looks like when s/he looks elbows and raises shoulders, a position even many experienced pedalers often develop.
To be a Brit at a cycling event is like being an Aussie at the cricket or a Brazilian at the football - success seems almost inevitable for our incredible pedalers.
People walked here from neighboring towns," said Robert Fitton, owner of Asbury Pedalers, a bicycle repair, rental and sales shop in the First Avenue Pavilion.
The 2001 IMBA/CLIF Bar Trail Preservation Grant winners are: Backcountry Bicycle Trails Club (Seattle, WA) Cathedral Panther Mountain Bike Club (Gallup, NM) Central Iowa Trails Association (Des Moines, IA) Earth Riders Mountain Bike Club (Kansas City, MO) National Capitol Mountain Bike Association (Ottawa, ON Canada) Northeast Tennessee Mountain Bike Association (Piney Flats, TN) Responsible Organized Mountain Pedalers (San Jose, CA) Rockville Alternative Transportation Society (Suisun, CA) South Texas Off Road Mountain Bikers (San Antonio, TX) Wilmington Mountain Pedalers (Wilmington, NY)
The space was designed by Studio MAI, the multi-disciplinary design and specialty-manufacturing studio behind renowned LA hospitality designs such as Pedalers Fork, Hinoki and The Bird and Gjelina Restaurant.
Ride options of 43, 63 or 84 miles with the Seven Hills Wheelmen, Charles River Wheelmen and Nashoba Valley Pedalers.
A longtime bike shop in west Eugene will soon be shutting its doors to pedalers.
The main route leads pedalers down Pacific Coast Highway into Seal Beach.
In truth, Newport Beach has always drawn a diverse population of sailing enthusiasts and dory fishermen, Gatsby wannabes and dedicated surfers, limo owners and beach-cruiser pedalers.