pedal point

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a sustained bass note


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Opening in a serene, almost mystical, manner, the work features a chain of sonorities that alternately rise and fall over a long pedal point in A-flat major.
the motivic material from the first movement begins to recur over a very long F pedal point in the cello to create a highly dramatic conclusion to the quartet.
The actual bass part is provided by the harp, which plays a series of ascending chords over a [Musical Expression Omitted] pedal point.
The first movement (moderato) opens with the solo bass presenting a theme consisting of an ascending and descending series of thirds, sevenths, and sixths, punctuated unobtrusively by Scotch snaps to the quiet accompaniment of a slowly changing pedal point in the cello and double bass.
27-31) is set to a pedal point, while the repetition of "Ma se tu vuoi ch'i miei martiri" (Io v'amo vita mia, mm.
From the churning maelstrom of Clipper to the pounding pedal points of Dawn Patrol, from the fragility of Line to the anthemic ensemble of the title track, Isla is an album whose contents reveal fresh nuances and facets on each listen.