pedal point

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a sustained bass note


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The pedal point harmonies are always comprised of notes from the mode and their intervallic range is always that of a major seventh.
The following passage, also from "The Hunt," is unusual because Mozart has a pedal point not only in the bass but also in the soprano line, sandwiching the inner voices' melody in thirds between a high and low F.
A different kind of pedal point is presented by the flexatone in the exposition and recapitulation, as can be seen in Example 11.
1] In Rands's choral song cycle Canti d'Amor, based on selections from James Joyce's Chamber Music, a pedal point often serves as the basis for such a continuity.
Might the sostenuto pedal be employed to play a pedal point so the left hand does not have to sustain it?
the motivic material from the first movement begins to recur over a very long F pedal point in the cello to create a highly dramatic conclusion to the quartet.
Opening in a serene, almost mystical, manner, the work features a chain of sonorities that alternately rise and fall over a long pedal point in A-flat major.
The actual bass part is provided by the harp, which plays a series of ascending chords over a [Musical Expression Omitted] pedal point.
The first movement (moderato) opens with the solo bass presenting a theme consisting of an ascending and descending series of thirds, sevenths, and sixths, punctuated unobtrusively by Scotch snaps to the quiet accompaniment of a slowly changing pedal point in the cello and double bass.
27-31) is set to a pedal point, while the repetition of "Ma se tu vuoi ch'i miei martiri" (Io v'amo vita mia, mm.