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in a didactic manner


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In fact, we might get more academically qualified and pedagogically effective teachers if we simply eliminated "completion of an approved program" from licensure requirements.
We decided to focus on mosques because of the number of mosques that are in the UAE, the cultural significance associated with it and the fact that it is pedagogically reasonable to design a green mosque," Dr Mokhtar said.
With direct and ongoing input from teachers, and SMART's team of curriculum resource developers, the company's large collection of existing math resources are pedagogically sound, customizable and easy-to-use.
For any big group rehearsing in Presser, the acoustics aren't pedagogically sound.
On a positive note, Cohen describes how an approach to language teaching and learning which incorporates a pedagogically sound focus on form/s can lead to success in language learning.
We work closely with educational advisers and teachers to ensure the products are pedagogically sound and compatible with the National Curriculum.
Dispositions depend on categorical facts definitionally and pedagogically.
While the debate about whether women should be allowed to study science and the fine arts raged about her, Agnesi quietly published the first complete and pedagogically appropriate textbook on differential and integral calculus in 1748.
Structuring his account around a series of themes-purpose, Construction, Context, Art, Time, Care, Learning and Limits-Prasad's method is to move pedagogically from the general to the specific using short predisposing' essays to identify issues embodied in the work.
As such, the book is an easily accessible and pedagogically useful tool to "parents and children of diverse faiths interested in learning from one of the world's great traditions" (xii).
Our policy is to deny Iran a nuclear weapon, not 'We wish they would not have a nuclear weapon," Burns explains pedagogically.
The articles in this month's Writing Lab Newsletter reflect on the state of writing centers, administratively, pedagogically, and professionally.
Pedagogically, we know that most of us learn by doing, and service learning allows people to thoughtfully address serious social challenges that afflict communities.
While the teamwork aspect is pedagogically beneficial, that, too, is enhanced by competition.
ID is therefore pedagogically unsuitable for presentation in a science class.