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of or relating to pedagogy


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Such programs should be followed up by instructional leaders, curriculum coordinators and educational supervisors so that they can evaluate its effectiveness in improving the teachers' ability to integrate pedagogical knowledge and practice in teaching those skills.
Biblical studies" can be understood either as the subject, that is, the democratizing influence and impact of biblical studies, or as the object of investigation, that is, how pedagogical practices of biblical education can be democratized.
The Biarritz ministerial meeting put forward five proposals: drawing up a Mediterranean charter, use of the Internet in schools, joint certification of teachers' skills, setting up of information and training system on use of ICTs in classes, strengthening of co-operation between educational institutions and exchange of digital pedagogical contents.
President of Tetovo's ethnic Albanian Pedagogue Association Muharem Xhezairi stated that the implementation of the Macedonian language in the first grade is contrary to pedagogical principles.
Pedagogical research often transcends disciplines, and political scientists may be overlooking important debates and advancements regarding educational practice by reading only disciplinary journals.
Furthermore, advances in computer graphics has made the embodiment of intelligent agents (also known as embodied agents) possible and e-learning researchers have proposed the utilisation of embodied agents to reduce the overheads involved in delivering online education, to facilitate dynamic monitoring of course activities, and delegation of certain instructor tasks to pedagogical embodied agents (Canole, 2002; Jafari, 2002; W.
As a sociologist of education, Bernstein argues that recontextualization is concerned with the construction of a pedagogical discourse that "is a principle for appropriating other discourses and bringing them into a special relation with each other for the purpose of their selective transmission and acquisition" (Bernstein, 1996:47).
Black-and-white engineering diagrams, sample equations and charts, and many other visual aids help spell out the concepts described by the pedagogical text.
LEA said the journal's editors address issues of change and the need for practical programs of policy intervention, curriculum reform and pedagogical action.
Through the appropriate application of pedagogical strategy to a learner's learning activities the effectiveness and efficiency of his/her learning can increase significantly.
A web page at the University of Michigan gives instructors background and pedagogical advice for preventing plagiarism in their assignments and cheating on tests (www.
I will then argue for strengthening the transformative capacity of interfaith education through the cultivation and elaboration of a critical pedagogy drawing from the pedagogical method of "critical pedagogy.
In 2004, increases in the number of students and changes in pedagogical thinking prompted the city to demolish the 1975 building and build a new extension, designed by Studio Granda.
As the syllabi for teacher education courses suggest, there is indeed an ideological consensus around pedagogical progressivism in education schools, but it has had little serious impact on teaching and learning in American schools.
It's interesting, but has less immediate pedagogical use than House Arrest.