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of or relating to pedagogy


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A brief history, the affiliations and the locations (thanks to pedagogic maps) are given for each.
Bernstein's pedagogic rights are bold claims, but all three resonate with each of us.
The present research aimed to integrate the pedagogic idea of the flipped classroom into the process of GSIL to promote students' learning achievement and self-efficacy in studying Liberal Studies.
With the most recent publication, Montgomery offers pedagogic guidance for Latin with the well organized approach that is characteristic of her output.
For me, the most radical pedagogic changes since the late 1970s and 1980s have come in the last 10-15 years.
The syllabus type designed by Prabhu and his colleagues is called the procedural syllabus, which consisted of a set of pedagogic tasks.
The temporal scope of the book, from early medieval manuscripts to the introduction of printed texts, makes for a fascinating exploration of the potential changes in pedagogic techniques.
On a less elevated level they animate his solo piano music and this double CD presents a var-ried selection ranging from pedagogic pieces, the Piano Music for the Young and Old, to more substantial works like the Theme and Variations and Three Pieces.
They discuss such topics as the origins and history of the university and its three missions, influences on the development of student-community engagement, making the case for student-community engagement in the higher education curriculum, the pedagogic case, planning, development, delivering, assessing, evaluating and embedding, the student experience, and the community voice.
This initiative targets three crucial goals: Harnessing the unique mental lustre of graduates who, having been honed by the university experience, are raring to make a difference in the world, exposing children to a fresh strain of pedagogic input with the potential to expand their faculties in a distinctly different way and, finally, forging a strong bond between graduates and the teaching profession.
Japanese Ambassador Hiroshi Inomata has hoped that future academic linkages and other pedagogic agreements between universities of both the countries will benefit faculty and students.
David Arthur DeCoster (University of Florida), 74, was a higher education administrator and faculty member at numerous campuses and a pedagogic consultant, speaker and evaluator nationwide.
The 19 selections are organized into sections devoted to the aims of applied military pedagogy, military pedagogic teaching and practice, national differences and necessities in military pedagogy acting and thinking, and interoperability and interculturality.
In this model, successfully adopting SRS technology to help educate health care professionals begins with articulating the desired pedagogic needs and student learning outcomes, then considering whether the technology has the ability to support those needs and outcomes.