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of or relating to pedagogy


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in the framework of the project "programme to strengthen the effectiveness of the pedagogic supervision and evaluation of school performance, stage iii", conducted by the centre for the development of education in partnership with the jagiellonian university and the age evaluation sp.
Therefore, authentic discourse samples are an invaluable source for the creation of materials, such as prototypical dialogues, upon which pedagogic tasks can be based.
The model represents a continuous, repetitive and cyclic process that begins by identifying pedagogic needs to prepare for a course using an SRS.
Margaret Archer's (1995, 2007) approach to realist social theory provides a useful framework to understand the ways in which teachers manage competing influences and deliberate about pedagogic action in the teaching of writing.
To promote German language tuition, the German government has developed a rewards programme through its Foreign Office, which is implemented by the Pedagogic Exchange Service of the Conference of German Cultural ministers.
The mission of the AELJ is to publish theoretical, empirical, practical or pedagogic manuscripts in education.
Enough: A Pedagogic Speculation" is an intriguing break down of modern education and needs of the world, offering a perspective on the world that is really quite different than most of the standard trains of thought, urging a society of enough, encouraging individualism and a modern world, and how it works from a personal level to international affairs.
Its editorial mission is to publish cases in a wide variety of disciplines which are of educational, pedagogic, and practical value to educators.
Based on a series of monographs commissioned by the Association for the Study of Medical Education, this volume collects various pedagogic principles and methods for teaching medical students in the classroom and the clinic and throughout continuing professional courses.
The set up of lecture theatres is out of date and is a far cry from the developments in pedagogic practice which put the student at the centre of the learning experience, Bela Arora is a research fellow in corporate citizenship.
AaAaAa The EU donation will enable Morocco guarantee education to all children especially those from poor background, upgrade the teachers' pedagogic skills, reduce the school dropout and promote good governance in schools management.
Participants of the event are representatives of Confucius Institutes of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and universities-partners of China, including those of Beijing University, Beijing University of languages and culture, Beijing University of external economy and trade, pedagogic university and 18 universities of central, north-eastern, and southern regions of China.
Some earlier studies cited in this article have indicated that with pedagogic training these students could be given the tools to be successful in teaching average children and adults.
This paper investigates an issue that I call the "pedagogic grammarian's dilemma": the choice facing writers of pedagogic grammars between being specific about grammar and risking being wrong, or hedging and risking being vague, as formulated by Henry Widdowson (1997).
Beyond its clear, concise writing, Essential Epidemiology offers unique pedagogic aids, such as an algorithm to help students identify epidemiologic study designs, a discussion of problems students typically encounter in calculating and interpreting incidence rates, and annotated step-by-step solutions to numerical problems.