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Despite its relatively small size, Pedagog, based at Risca, near Newport, is one of the world's leading companies in wireless multimedia, and specifically in the transmission of video over narrow bandwidths.
For example, Pedagog expects to secure contracts with football clubs and the television industry enabling them to send video clips from football matches or movies over mobile phones.
Then, at a date in June or July, Pedagog will face a court claim for unpaid salary payments totalling several thousand pounds from Jeremy Renwick, the firm's former sales director.
Pedagog, which is based at Risca, near Newport, received Regional Selective Assistance grants totalling pounds 188,000 in December 2002 and Finance Wales - the development bank arm of the WDA - has provided investment of pounds 500,000.
Similar to Internet search engines, Pedagog charges for search optimization, enabling companies to be ranked in search results for public phones.
By combining control and signal processing on one chip, the Blackfin processor eliminates the complicated partitioning of a multiple processor system and enables companies like Pedagog to unleash new consumer applications to the market with ease and in record time.
The constituent, Martin Lewis, told The Western Mail he was taking Pedagog to an Employment Tribunal to recover several thousand pounds that is owed to him.
He said, 'I contacted David Davies because of my serious concerns about public money paid to Pedagog, which has received both Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) money via the Welsh Assembly and cash from Finance Wales, the investment arm of the WDA.
Talk Visual, Pedagog and EnterTech recently agreed to develop the delivery of a broad selection of news, weather, movies, music, video and live interactive entertainment over broadband connections currently available in Europe and the United States to TV225 videophone owners in their homes, businesses and public locations worldwide, as well as via cellular telephones to users of Windows CE platform PDAs such as Microsoft's recently announced Pocket PC.
Despite its relatively small size, Pedagog is one of the world's leading companies in wireless multi-media, and specifically in the transmission of video over narrow bandwidths.
Vidnet and EnterTech, along with EnterTech's technology partners Talk Visual and Pedagog Systems of the United Kingdom, will exhibit Talk Visual's recently launched TV225 videophone and Pedagog's "Video over the Cellular Network" technology at the Cannes Film Festival May 10 through May 21, 2000.
Otto Fedorovich fon Tidebel'-skripach-solist, pedagog i kompozitor.
Wladyslawa Markiewiczowna (1900-1982): kompozytorka, Pianistka, pedagog.