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Synonyms for peculiarly

uniquely or characteristically


in a manner differing from the usual or expected

to a distinctly greater extent or degree than is common

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Peculiarly, it's also a sell-out -- a word not often associated with Test cricket these days.
People have to face great difficulty while going to mosques due to bleak darkness peculiarly the elderly men.
Feast of barns Four fabulous conversions to choose from Pages 4-6 The Ferns Space and luxury at home which boasts glorious views of Cannock Chase Page7 Let's move to Kenilworth Spotlight on this sought-after area plus six of the best properties currently on the market Pages 14-17 The Mount Fine country home that sits atop a hill near the village of Claverdon in Warwickshire Pages 16-17 The Lock Keeper's Cottage A canalside home that peculiarly has two addresses Pages 20-21 Property Expert Jane Summers on the strong demand for UK holiday homesPages 22 POST PROPERTY correspondents are Alison Jones and Annie Roberts Email: PostSupplements@mrn.
Filming murder for public consumption seems to be a peculiarly Islamic terror tactic.
88 Keys, best known for production work for Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and more peculiarly, Scarface, offers his debut as an ambitious hip-hopera of sorts.
Waste not, want not," yesterday's headlines had Gordon Brown saying - and if you say it out loud you'll find yourself reverting to that peculiarly Scottish Highland brogue associated with severe, finger-wagging nannies.
Well, I don't want to give too much away, but I am here to tell you that "Moan" slithers into some totally unexpected emotional territory by the time it all gets played out, and the film is peculiarly touching if you allow it to work its strange mojo on you.
Thus, she explains that a gender/sexual hierarchy is not a given, but rather "a peculiarly obstinate variable," "a constantly reenacted social process" with "mechanisms that reproduce sexual hierarchy in any social context" (180, 194, 261).
Further, though the Qur'an mentions a certain number of plants, fruits, and vegetables, it mentions them in the flow of its own narrative, in a peculiarly Qur'anic context, and with a specific purpose.
What a pity that it does not have a peculiarly shaped roof
But at the same time, their individuality insists on the kind of self-determination that might be considered peculiarly human.
In this light, the Houston man's successful campaign to get a liver conforms to the rules of engagement that have become the norm in the peculiarly American game of procuring medical services.
How to utilize those 425 taste buds per square centimeter (of those with peculiarly intense palates)?
If Boerhaave's ideas were similar to those of non-Calvinist contemporaries and predecessors, why should we see them as peculiarly Dutch Calvinist in essence?
It's only the odd lapse of one person, but I prefer to see it as symptomatic of a deeper disorder, that being the idiosyncratic approach to objective criteria, itself the fruit of individualism, where one is compelled to leave one's imprint on the drama at hand, and by some action make the thing peculiarly one's own.