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appropriate (as property entrusted to one's care) fraudulently to one's own use

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protecting shareholders from the peculations of their officers and
It is often argued that whole systems ought not to be altered in response to the peculations of specific officeholders.
His visit to Batavia he told me was to lay open to the Governor and Council of Batavia the impositions and the peculations of the Dutch at Pontiana and at Mompawa, and in consequence of his representations he got the Resident recalled and another put in his situation, but he says they still continued the same practices, cheating both the Company and the Malays.
Words such as lethiferous, facinorous, concupiscent, marmoreal, and peculations (p.
Perhaps he was forewarned by the not-infrequent peculations by stewards of the estates of the gentry and aristocracy.
22) See, for example, Sir Walter Scott's comments: "Uncle Toby and his faithful squire, the most delightful characters in the work, or perhaps in any other, are drawn with such a pleasing force and discrimination, that they more than entitle the author to a free pardon for his literary peculations, his indecorum, and his affectation" (CH, p.
Truman in fact was appalled by Pendergast's peculations as revealed in the federal indictment, having had no idea of their extent.
Iraqgate might never have come to light were it not for the greedy peculations of one Christopher Drogoul, a New Jersey--born yuppie who became Saddam's principal banker in the West.
We know that the Asiatic races are not what the capitalistic frauds who agitate aliens, to divert attentions from their own peculations from the workers would make them out to be.