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LoSasso is currently accepting pectus excavatum and carinatum patients in the New Jersey office.
Tambien hay caracteristicas que comparte el paciente con la variante tipo IV: el pectus excavatum, el labio hendido y las alteraciones en manos y pies, pero en este tipo no hay hipoacusia ni alteraciones nasales (12) que el paciente descrito si presentaba.
In patients with RP, cartilage damage may also lead to pectus excavatum deformity.
Other congenital abnormalities include cardiac defects in 36% of affected boys [8] and skeletal problems such as pectus excavatum, scoliosis and vertebral abnormalities.
Physical exam showed a child in moderate distress with mild pectus excavatum and a soft systolic murmur best heard at the left sternal border.
En la exploracion fisica resalto habitus ectomorfo, fascies alargada con abombamiento frontal, torax asimetrico por pectus excavatum y deformacion de Sprengel.
Association with pectus excavatum has been previously reported (Fossum, 2002).
One juvenile male with pectus excavatum had marked mucopurulent rhinorrhea, coughing, lethargy, tachypnea, dyspnea, and partial anorexia; he was also given an intramuscular broad-spectrum antimicrobial drug (ceftiofur, 25 mg/kg).
The boy was supposed to undergo an operation to correct a congenital defect, called pectus excavatum (or hollowed chest), a medical emergency
Another less common complication of upper airway compromise is functional pectus excavatum.
Kyphosis and pectus excavatum are two such acquired or congenital deformities, and what appeared to be widely spaced nipples have been noted in several birth defects, including Turner syndrome, Noonan syndrome and Edward syndrome;[1] however, this finding was not always confirmed when actual measurements were made.
Such yellow flags that are illustrated include: decreased antero-posterior chest dimensions, pectus excavatum and straightening of the thoracic spine.
The NTM patients also more frequently had concave chests, a condition known as pectus excavatum, and scoliosis, or curvature of the spine.