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She was found to possess pectus carinatum at age of 2 years and scoliosis at age of 6 years.
Pectus carinatum effects one in 1,500 children but there is treatment available for those who have the condition.
Keel pectus carinatum, extreme scoliosis, varus deformity both feet.
For pectus carinatum, surgery is rarely performed nowadays as complete correction can be attained using a chest brace, again avoiding both a big operation as well as an unsightly scar.
Pectus carinatum (horizontal and protuberant sternum) and a shortened neck with clouding of the cornea, ligamentous laxity and joint stiffness are also seen.
Se puede presentar pectus excavatum o pectus carinatum, acortamiento del esternon y costillas supernumerarias.
Technically known as pectus carinatum, the condition causes the chest wall to protrude outward, giving the patient's chest the appearance of the breast of a bird.
Is there a "rachitic rosary" of the ribs, pectus carinatum deformity, or Harrison's groove?
Pectus affects around three in 1,000 people and has two more common forms - excavatum or sunken chest in which a dip appears in the chest and pectus carinatum or pigeon chest in which the chest pushes outwards.
Haje e colaboradores (2002) desenvolveram estudos com 4303 escolares brasileiros onde se fez uma triagem daqueles que possuiam alteracoes toracicas sendo encontrados, 39 casos de pectus carinatum e 2 de pectus excavatum, totalizando 41 ocorrencias.
The first can result in a tall stature with long slim limbs, pectus carinatum, muscle hypotonia and joint hypermobility.
The thoracic cage shows thoracic kyphosis (rachitic cat-back), thickening of the costochondral junctions (rachitic rosary) and pectus carinatum.
These patients can suffer complications like scoliosis, pectus excavaturm, and pectus carinatum, also known as a "pigeon chest.