pectoralis major

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a skeletal muscle that adducts and rotates the arm

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T group, 45-min transport group; TR group, 45-min transport with 1-h rest; TWFR group, 45-min transport with 15-min water-misting sprays with forced ventilation and 45-min rest; GP, glycolytic potential; PM, pectoralis major.
17) They found that the risk of a pharyngocutaneous fistula was associated with the use of a pectoralis major myocutaneous flap to reconstruct the neopharynx, primary disease in the piriform sinus, and extensive soft-tissue infiltration.
Important muscles activated in breaststroke swimming seem to be the biceps brachii, triceps brachii, subscapularis, latissimus dorsi, pectoralis major, supraspinatus, infraspinatus, serratus anterior, and deltoid anterior, teres minor and trapezio) for the upper limbs (Conceicao et al.
The main function of the pectoralis major is to move your arm across your body.
Abbreviations: AD = anterior deltoid, BB = biceps brachii, EMG = electromyography, MD = middle deltoid, ME = mechanical effectiveness, MVC = maximum voluntary isometric contraction, PC = principal component, PCA = principal component analysis, PD = posterior deltoid, PM = pectoralis major, SCI = spinal cord injury, sEMG = surface electromyography, TB = triceps brachii, UT = upper trapezius.
Os valores L*, a* e b* foram medidos em tres diferentes pontos na superficie ventral e no meio da secao cranial do musculo Pectoralis major.
The representative volume of the pectoralis major muscle was obtained and mirrored using MIMICS, and a prototype built of the volume.
He had an MRI scan on his return to Auckland on Tuesday which confirmed a ruptured pectoralis major tendon on the left side of his chest.
National team doctor James Robson said:"Chunk has damaged the pectoralis major muscle adjacent to his right shoulder.
On entry into the axilla (intersection of the pectoralis major muscle with the biceps muscle), the radial nerve, branches of the brachial artery, and the profunda brachii artery were found together below the brachial artery (Figure 1A).
Three of the latter 5 drains were placed outside the safe triangle recommended by the British Thoracic Society (5) (a triangle marked by the anterior border of the latissimus dorsi, lateral border of the pectoralis major and a line horizontal to the nipple) (Fig.
TORE his pectoralis Major tendon in last weekend's 'A' game against Leinster, if he continues to settle well we are hopeful he will be available by mid December.
In the younger patient a tendon transfer of latissimus dorsi or pectoralis major may be used to salvage an unrepairable tendon.