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In his original description titled "Deficiency of the pectoral muscles," he specifically noted absence of the stern costal portion of the pectoralis major muscle with an intact clavicular origin, absence of the pectoralis minor muscle, and hypoplastic serratus and external oblique muscles.
Confirming the injury, Ospreys medical performance manager Chris Towers said: "Aaron tore his pectoral muscle playing for Wales against South Africa.
Minnesota Vikings right tackle Phil Loadholt will miss the rest of the season with a torn pectoral muscle.
Frequent signs are hypoplastic/absent nipples scapular anomaly absent pectoral muscles brachydactyly (short fingers) dextrocardia diaphragmatic hernia/defect syndactyly of fingers (webbing) ulna absent /abnormal upper limb asymmetry and abnormal rib.
The higher the level of climbing, the more was observed of a pectoral muscle contracture.
Adam Jones is a calf strain, Jonathan Davies is a pectoral muscle which will keep him out for the rest of the campaign, Liam Williams has had a bump to the head and will be assessed.
Another way to keep your gun out of the wrong hands is to anchor it to your pectoral muscle.
The generator was not sutured to the fascia of the pectoral muscle, and only single loose sleeve sutures were observed on both leads.
2008) identified in the pectoral muscle the inclusion of poultry viscera meal in diets, even when other alternative ingredients (wheat bran and yeast) were added.
He suffered a torn pectoral muscle and damaged shoulder and arm ligaments.
Each animal was fed 1 regular-sized meal of pectoral muscle of 2 racing pigeons naturally infected with cysts from the 2008 outbreak in Germany (3).
Angels right fielder Vladimir Guerrero, on the disabled list since mid-April with a torn right pectoral muscle, said he is more than ready to come back, if only as the designated hitter.
Former Castleford captain Henderson has come through despite an injured ankle, while Russo has torn a pectoral muscle and is likely to be out for two to four weeks.
Latham faces surgery and a lengthy four-month recuperation after ripping the pectoral muscle from the bone.