pectoral girdle

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a skeletal support to which the forelimbs of vertebrates are attached

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The time of ossification in pectoral girdle and sternum: Scapula, Clavicle, Coracoid, Humerus:
tridactylum capture, we measured snout-vent length (SVL), total length (TL), and pectoral girdle circumference (PGC) using a measuring tape ([+ or -] 0.
She said that in modern lungfish, the longer mouth cavity enables them to hold a bubble of air in their mouths, while the cranial ribs anchor the pectoral girdle during air gulping.
Although Andriashev (1986) and Andriashev and Stein (1998) demonstrated the importance of the pectoral girdle in distinguishing among species and in explaining liparid relationships, we did not dissect, clear, and stain a pectoral girdle from these specimens owing to the high probability of damaging them and destroying other characters (Chernova, 2001; Chernova and Stein, 2002).
The pelvic girdle was firmly attached to the vertebral column, and the pectoral girdle had smaller extrascapular dermal bone components (with the exception of the clavicle, which was larger).