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Meristic characters: dorsal fin IV, I-8; anal fin III, 9; pectoral fins 15-17; pelvic fins I-5; lateral line scales 35-41; gill rakers 71-77.
In addition, carefully anchoring the transvenous lead to the pectoral muscle is essential.
In his original description titled "Deficiency of the pectoral muscles," he specifically noted absence of the stern costal portion of the pectoralis major muscle with an intact clavicular origin, absence of the pectoralis minor muscle, and hypoplastic serratus and external oblique muscles.
While a fully-fit Lee would be an automatic choice in the Wales starting XV, Jones provides essential bench back-up, Jones requires pectoral muscle making him an integral squad member and a player to whom head coach Warren Gatland would undoubtedly have turned during the World Cup.
Pectoral muscles work a lot in the opah, warming blood that eventually flows through the gill heat exchanger.
We can go to our cathedral vaults and I can go back 150 years now and find the pectoral crosses and rings of former bishops.
Open Treasure will transform public access to some of the Cathedral's most spectacular spaces and its breathtaking collections, The original pectoral cross and other artefacts belonging to St Cuthbert will be on display in a new exhibition space in the Great Kitchen in January 2016.
Es una enfermedad del desarrollo muscular extremadamente rara, congenita, y que representa la combinacion del desarrollo parcial o total del musculo pectoral mayor con una anomalia de la mano homolateral, acompanada o no por sindactilia/ braquidactilia homolateral, agenesia o hipoplasia de otros musculos de la pared toracica, atelia, amastia o hipoplasia mamaria y costillas deformes o ausentes.
Despite the widespread use of the pectoral spine for age estimation (Rien and Beamesderfer, 1994; Rossiter et al.
The main aim of the study has been an analysis of the changes in the spine curvature in the sagittal plane and the assessment of the elasticity of the pectoral and iliopsoas muscles among the subjects.
STEVE Borthwick's 'significant pectoral injury' could deny the Saracens captain the chance to close a decorated career with backto-back Heineken Cup and Aviva Premiership finals.
The genus is diagnosed in having an interrupted post-labial fold, broad isthmus, gill openings not extending ventrally onto undersurface of head, 14-16 branched pectoral-fin rays, lower lip not connected to the base of the maxillary barbel by a skin flap, sulcus between the lip and the barbel, homodont dentition, teeth pointed, coni-form in both jaws, premaxillary tooth patches contacting each other but not confluent, not extended posterolaterally, laterally blunt; dilator operculi muscle and levator opercula muscle contacting each other, broad anterior end of sternohyoideus muscle, its width almost equal to the width in the axilla of the pectoral fin, adductor pelvicalis superficialis muscle not contacting its antimere at the midline (Zhou et al.
Tuilagi will make his first appearance for England in a year after recovering from the torn pectoral muscle that kept him out for six months.
Stridulation sounds in channel catfish are produced during pectoral spine abduction (forward fin sweeps), when ridges on the spine's base rub against a bony part of the pectoral girdle called the cleithrum.