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Feeling peckish a few hours later, I was regretting having put the dregs of my picnic in the boot when someone broke out a pack of sausage rolls and I ate two in three seconds.
Peanuts and black sunflower seeds are both high in oils and proteins and are therefore tops in terms of peckish snacks.
BHughes 10 -533U0 Feeling Peckish (USA) (17) (D) M Chapman 7 10 3 .
IF you're feeling a bit peckish then how about a free lunch?
The kangaroos are feeling bouncy, the echidnas are being prickly, the emus are feeling peckish and possums are just hanging around.
Feeling a bit peckish they're so easy to eat, Covered in custard, a favourite treat.
PECKISH tot James Waggett, above, dipped his tiny hand into Prince Charles' glass to help himself to a chunk of apple.
ALICANTE - another great Spanish destination - if you get peckish, tuck into the popular Andalucan dish arroz a banda - similar to paella.
And the cinema has also opened a bar with hot food in the auditorium - so you don't have to travel far from your seat if you're feeling peckish.
Some Chinese meals leave the diner bloated, but feeling peckish soon after.
Shoppers, more than a little peckish after hours of retail therapy in some of the country's swankiest shops, are forsaking top-notch restaurants in favour of a down-to-earth burger bar.
He was bound to get peckish in a match that kicked off so long after lunch.
DIDIER DROGBA, 31, was at Whisky Mist in London's Mayfair with team-mates MICHAEL ESSIEN, 26, and SALOMON KALOU, 23, when the trio felt peckish.
3pm: If I am off in the evening, I will stay on and work, but if not I will generally leave the team at 60 to finish off lunch service and if I am feeling peckish I pop over to see head chef Ashley at Host to join them for a quick staff lunch.
But it was Audrey II's transformation from peckish pot plant to shop-filling man-eater that really stole the show.