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(1998) Home range and movement patterns of white-lipped peccary, Tayassu pecari herds in the northern Brazilian Amazon.
The white-lipped peccary was the most frequent prey found on the scat analysis.
The video captured the peccary's herd members walking up to the corpse and seemingly mourn the loss.
Estimating detection probabilities from sign of collared peccary. The Journal of Wildlife Management 71:652-655.
We described potential kill sites with no prey item located as possible bedding or ambush hunting sites (sites in close proximity to water, game trails, peccary bedding grounds, and fence crossings).
The company offers luxury goods appointed with the finest materials; from exotic skins such as python, peccary, kangaroo, mink and crocodile hides to mother of pearl and solid gold.
In the Amana Sustainable Development Reserve (ASDR), paca is one of the species most susceptible to hunting and a favourite for local residents (Valsecchi and Amaral, 2009), behind only the white-lipped peccary, on this last parameter.
6A-B), belongs to a peccary. It has a crown l of 10.4 mm and a crown w of 7.2 mm.
juxtakochi in Panama were Tapirus bairdii (male and female), Odocoileus virginianus (male, female, nymph and larva), Coendou rothschildi (nymph), Nasua nasua (nymph) and "peccary" (nymph) (4, 9).
The role played by sympatric collared peccary (Tayassu tajacu), white-lipped peccary (Tayassu pecari), and feral pig (Sus scrofa) as maintenance hosts for Trypanosoma evansi and Trypanosoma cruzi in a sylvatic area of Brazil.
It was that last load that I used when I took the rifle to the jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula to hunt White-lipped peccary.
The tooth-and-jaw piece attributed to a monkey may instead come from an ancient form of pig or peccary, Harrison adds.
When she successfully killed an adult peccary - a pig-like animal - Leandro decided to release Xavante and Maya together and they too managed to hunt on their own.