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Synonyms for peccant

Synonyms for peccant

liable to sin


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The related theories of physiology--that optical well-being depended on the proper functioning of ducts that conveyed pure moisture to the healthy eye--and pathology--that the sight was affected if these ducts became blocked or flooded or conveyed peccant moisture to the diseased eye--can be seen pervasively in Greek medical texts of all eras.
The Discovery of the Germ: Describes the research of Pasteur, Twenty Years That Transformed Lister, Koch, and others that the Way We Think About Disease transformed the germ theory of by John Waller disease from a disputed speculation Columbia University Press, into a central tenet of medicine, 2002 overturning the previous paradigm (that illness, for example, involved "a buildup of peccant humours" and could be treated by bleeding).
48) "Ex quo patet quod mortaliter peccant violantes iura gentium" (VITORIA, Francisco.
Van Helmont might have been cured "very suddenly," says Thomson, had the physicians attended to "that true peccant matter, which is the principal occasional cause of Diseases .
May's performances took her through New York, Chicago, London, Paris, Cairo, Rio de Janeiro, Detroit, and Philadelphia, involving her with myriad peccant and felonious individuals.
Peccatum autem seditionis primo quidem et principaliter pertinet ad eos qui seditionem procurant, qui gravissime peccant.
Hall, Marston asserts, gets it wrong on all counts: he takes a censorian stance which virtually no one is qualified to assume; he rails rather than "laugh[s] and sport[s]"; and, in his attacks on contemporary poetry, he censures poetry's essence rather than its peccant manifestations.
Augustine's statement "peccatum est nichil," Thomas responds that "peccatum nichil est, quo nichil fiunt homines cum peccant .