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Synonyms for hag

Synonyms for hag

an ugly, frightening old woman

a woman who practices magic

Synonyms for hag

an ugly evil-looking old woman

eellike cyclostome having a tongue with horny teeth in a round mouth surrounded by eight tentacles

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What we do have are upland peat hags, which are much more susceptible to drying out.
Climatic conditions are no longer sufficiently cold and wet to allow the sphagnum to thrive and so many of the peat hags are drying out, especially on the margins.
'I studied bogs and sedimentology at university, and I just love to come up here and wander around, seeing all the different shapes in the peat hags. I'm in my own world.'
Rather than being some sort of mystical bog inhabitant, peat hags are erosional features of upland blanket bog that are formed when the surrounding peat has been washed or blown away by heavy rain and strong winds.