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partially carbonized vegetable matter saturated with water

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The company's revenue from peat sales in Latvia dropped 25.9 percent on year to EUR 97,600 in 2018, while revenue from selling peat in other European Union (EU) member states grew 15 percent to EUR 6.853 million.
For many malt drinkers peat can be an incredibly divisive flavour.
Peat, contacted by Record Sport yesterday, again refused to name the supremo who made what he calls "the most outrageous" request of his time in office.
Lulie, who hails from Sarawak and is also the chairman of the Malaysian Peat Society (MPS), hoped her appointment would cast the spotlight on Sarawak's conservation commitment for tropical peatland.
In civil engineering, peat is classified as a problematic soil due to its weak characteristic related to its ability to support the civil structures.
The total volume of peat cannot be determined accurately, since for most countries there is no information about the average thickness of the peat layer available.
In 2015, more than half the UK's peat came from the Republic of Ireland and about 7% from elsewhere in Europe, while around a third came from peat bogs in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland.
The peat contains slowly decaying plants, or vegetation, that have been accumulating for over 10,000 years.
This will enable them to form new peat, which traps carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and benefits rare and unique bog wildlife.
The definition of peat also refers to the net accumulation of purely one hundred percent organic matter and the difference between soil and organic or vegetative accumulation varies (Murtedza et al., 2002) probably due to varying definitions from the different academic fields associated with the practical study of peat and its' properties (agriculture, botany, geology and engineering, for instance).
Peat market 2016 to 2021 forecasts and current analysis for development policies and plans, peat manufacturing processes, cost structures along with leading industry players profiled with Peat product pictures and more.
Key words: peat; humic substances; characterization; UV-vis; FTIR, SEM.
The research project determined how quickly different areas of peat land and bog took to burn and how different types and amounts of vegetation would affect how a wildfire might burn and spread over peat land.