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Synonyms for peasant




Synonyms for peasant

one of a (chiefly European) class of agricultural laborers

a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement

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The Devil must go out,' and opened the house-door; then the woman was forced to give up the keys, and the peasant unlocked the closet.
At home the small peasant gradually launched out; he built a beautiful house, and the peasants said: 'The small peasant has certainly been to the place where golden snow falls, and people carry the gold home in shovels.
Then the peasants were vexed that the small peasant should have thus outwitted them, wanted to take vengeance on him, and accused him of this treachery before the major.
They believed no otherwise than that it was the peasant who was saying this, and answered: 'That is what we intend, but first you shall look about you a little down below there,' and they rolled the barrel down into the water.
After that the peasants went home, and as they were entering the village, the small peasant also came quietly in, driving a flock of sheep and looking quite contented.
An elderly landless peasant, Mahar Mallah, is satisfied with an 800 maund per-acre yield of sugar cane from two acres of land he tilled this season.
The speakers highlighted that by December 2016, approximately 1,580 families and 8,984 individuals were living in eight ex-bonded peasant camps.
In order to build a harmonious "peasant-to-citizen" community relationship and effectively carry out the "peasant-to-citizen" policy, good "peasant-to-citizen" community governance is not only the basic connotation promoting land-lost peasants to become urban residents but also the necessary requirement of the new urbanization road.
In this endeavour, the editors of an impressive set of restudies spanning three decades of field research in Southeast Asia conclude that '[r]ural people (old and new) are combining livelihoods in new ways across sectors and developmental spaces, they embody new desires and aspirations, and their values are often different from those of past peasant generations'.
In this essay we explore the ways folk song collectors active in England in the late Victorian and Edwardian periods used and engaged with contemporary discourses relating to the terms peasant and peasantry.
LAKKI MARWAT -- The peasant and youth councilors of the district have threatened to launch agitation if the demands of salary payment and share in uplift funds were not met by the government.
We see it functioning as a community, where the general interest prevailed over private goals, even if conflicts constantly arose: peasant leaders incarnated the "voice of reason" (p.
Joining the ranks of recent peasant studies, the author also steadfastly rejects ideas of peasant backwardness, isolation, and political fecklessness.
He has created a chess set based on figures from the two sides of the conflict and will present it to the Peasants' War Museum in the city of Mhlhausen in Thuringia in former East Germany, which was at the centre of peasant uprisings.
1) The Stolypin land reforms were one such occasion, because they used property law to bring into focus the idea of a peasant individual.