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a lamellar mixture of cementite and ferrite formed during the cooling of austenite

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Pearlite forms after eutectoid point when single phase austenite splits into two phases, cementite and ferrite.
Si, Mn and Cr in steel influence hardness after hot rolling through their effects on the solid solution strengthening of ferrite 4) and lamellar spacing of pearlite 5).
For GJS-400, the impact of its ferrite/ pearlite ratio was evaluated.
Tool life showed a better wear performance and surface finish in the cast iron inoculated with IMSR75, since the presence of strontium increased the number of eutectic cells with finer pearlite and graphite.
Cement, sand, aggregates, Fly ash concrete block: Cement, fly ash, aggregates, Lightweight concrete hollow block: Cement, lightweight aggregate, such as, fly ash, ceramisite, pumice, furnace slag, cinder, pearlite and other waste slag.
The microstructure of cold-drawn steel consists of ferrite grains and pearlite colonies that are easily discernable (Figure 3a).
Austempering process is the isothermal transformation of a ferrous alloy at a temperature below that of the pearlite formation and above that of the martensite formation [1].
The microstructure of the matrix shows large grains of pearlite in a matrix of ferrite.
As the X-ray diffraction technique showed no reflections attributable to the carbidic component, Baumann assumes that the carbides have dissolved in a certain mass of pearlite.
The microstructure of the bar consists of a tough core, comprising ferrite, pearlite, and sometimes very little bainite; and tempered martensitic rim.
1a reveals the ferrite-pearlite microstructure of the soft carbon steel with directional oriented pearlite grains.
Moving towards the inner diameter, the microstructure shifts to an equilibrium grey iron microstructure (also known as grey cast iron), comprised of flake graphite particles in a pearlite matrix.
The microstructures of these steels range from 100 % ferrite to nearly 100 % pearlite (AISI 1080), with the X42 steel being intermediate, with less than 50 % pearlite in a highly banded structure oriented along the crack propagation direction.