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having a play of lustrous rainbow colors

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4 SunShine Mystic Black joins Sun Chemical's SunShine family of pure synthetic mica-based pearlescent pigment colors ranging from silver and gold metallic effects to bright, sparkling accents in green and blue.
Preference for aesthetically-appealing finishes in cars is a key factor driving the growth of the pearlescent pigment market.
The Black Magic Pearlescent paint finish actually suits the little Citigo really well, set off by the 15in Auriga black alloy wheels.
Pearlescent pigments are a kind of pigment showing a pearl shine because of angle-dependent optical effects derived from layers with different refractive indices.
Instead of reproducing pictures with the four process colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) on a white background (subtractive color mixing) the process uses the pearlescent colors red, green and blue (RGB) on a black surface (additive color mixing).
The pigments combine the properties of an aluminum substrate with those of pearlescent pigments.
3]/mica pearlescent pigments with ferric chloride as a precursor and trace Fe(II) as a catalyst which does not require any calcination step.
Citroen is also exhibiting a pair of limited edition DS4 and DS5 Pure Pearl models finished in pearlescent white body paint with gloss chrome detailing, 18-inch alloy wheels and watchstrap-style club leather upholstery with blue overstitching.
In the 15th century, a recipe was published for making a pearlescent coating for glass produced from fish scales and shells.
The customer will be able to add options including pearlescent white paint for A$1000, black or alezan watchstrap leather upholstery for A$2500 or a 10-speaker sound system for A$1000.
The new product, which is targeted at the residential market, is a water-based pearlescent interior finish, consisting of a coloured base coat and a special selected pearlescent powder to create the effect desired.
For one seating programme, Acumen Design was in search of a pearlescent thermoplastic that would match the pearlescent paint finishes increasingly being used for seating programmes.
A highlight is the Brilliant Black powered retractable hard-top which contrasts with the choice of Spirited Green metallic, Crystal White Pearlescent and Velocity Red mica body colours but complements the dark gun metal 17-inch alloy wheels.
The 'First Edition' for China features pearlescent white bodywork combined with a red leather interior and a special badge on the door pillar.
The new pink is one of several fresh personalisation options available on DS3 from this month and customers can also choose a Hickory Brown pearlescent body colour and two additional 'Spirit' roof designs - Flower and Flavio.