pearl gray

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of a grey with a pearly tinge


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The author painstakingly enumerates accessories that distinguish otherwise commonplace dress - women's shoes, gloves, shawls; men's vests, paletots, tails, cravats, gloves (whether pale blue, pearl gray, peach, tobacco brown, or fawn or of doeskin, beaver, kid, reindeer, or dog), hats, and shoes.
MOTOKRZR features a dark pearl gray glass finish and refined metal keyboard.
Gray and her husband, William, of Leominster; two grandchildren, Michelle and Bret Caiazzi of Scarborough, Maine; and two step-grandchildren, Pearl Gray of Queens, N.
Parachute, a pale solid pink; Cloud Cover, a pearl gray tricoat; and Modern Macintosh, a brownish purple are included in this group, among others.
In related news, Homer Laughlin introduced one new china color, Pearl Gray, last summer at its outlet store in Newell.
Pearl Gray was offered exclusively at Bloomingdale's last December, said Jim Peikon, the division merchandise manager of housewares and food for the department store.
The new accessories are also available in persimmon, periwinkle, turquoise, rose, sea mist green and pearl gray.
Contract notice: Open procedure for the acquisition of summer shirts and shirts long sleeve pearl gray for the male staff of the corps.
LG was a pioneer in incorporating vivid colors and stylish designer finishes into the laundry room such as Wild Cherry Red, Midnight Blue, Stainless Steel, Titanium and Pearl Gray.
The collection comes in white, off- white, light gray and pearl gray.
Seven colors will change any light or dark eye: Chestnut Brown, Sapphire Blue, Hazel Green, Jade Green, Pearl Gray, Warm Honey, and Deep Blue.
The sleek, stylish model, available in a pearl gray and matte black finish, draws cool air from the floor and returns warmed air to the room through natural convection currents that create a wide, deep comfort zone.
This unit is expected to be available in July in a premium pearl gray finish for $1,199 and white finish for $1,049 for the washer, and $1,049 in pearl gray finish and white finish for $949 for the matching dryer.
Equally powerful is a look Gale Steves, a trend consultant and writer, calls Urban Luxe: "Very deep, intense, lipstick-like colors complemented with shiny pearl gray, dark charcoal and chrome, and muddy orange with soft gray.