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a fishery where they fish for pearl oysters

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If certified, the pearl fishery will allow that discerning customer to not only eat sustainable seafood but also wear jewelry that has positive impacts on our oceans.
Ibn Battuta makes a couple of references to the pearl fishery between the Iranian coast and Bahrain.
Mosk (1934, quoted by Galtsoff, 1950a) found one report written in 1613 that said it was fruitless to take pearl oysters from the beds near Margarita Island because they were full of small oysters and to take them would be a detriment to the interests of the pearl fishery and the Royal Treasury.
In those years, 3,000 people were directly engaged in the pearl fishery.
In the Introduction, we said that by the end of the 1500's, Venezuelan pearl oyster stocks and production had declined sharply, and also noted that throughout the entire extent of this pearl fishery the shuckers have discarded the oyster shells.
In the Middle East, Bahrain is the only island nation whose natural resources such as freshwater, marine resources and pearl fishery are fast depleting.
In the latter part of the 1500's, the pearl fishery declined along the Caribbean coasts, and this led to an increase in the exploitation of the pearl grounds off Panama's Pacific coast.
With these limitations, the statistical data are still useful in showing the declining trend of the pearl fishery between 1925 and 1938.
Growth rate of the pearl oyster Pinctada pinctada in the Gulf of Kutch with a note on the pearl fishery of 1953.
During the past century, the quality of the pearls produced by this species supported an important pearl fishery in the Gulf of California, which was the incentive for colonization of Baja California Sur (Carino & Caceres-Martinez 1990, Monteforte & Carino 1992).