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(ancient Greece) a hymn of praise (especially one sung in ancient Greece to invoke or thank a deity)

a formal expression of praise

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With meticulous attention to detail and use of maps, Pean shows how Kouchner's claims to have visited a Tutsi massacre site in 1994 were precisely wrong: the killings in that particular village were in fact committed by Tutsis against Hutus.
Pean has a record of successfully launchingnew offices for the firm.
Pean broke down in tears at one point in his trial in September, after a Jewish witness likened his work to Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" and compared him to convicted French Holocaust-denier, Robert Faurisson.
In order to write his account of these months just before and just after the liberation of Paris, Pean interviewed several resistants who were involved to various extents with Mitterrand's group.
Instead, Pean said that he and his colleagues believe that the "observed treatment of the human body, together with the presence of body ornaments, indicates rather a mortuary ritual: either a ritual cannibalism or a specific mortuary practice for secondary disposal".
ArmchairGM's four founders, Dan Lewis, Aaron Wright, David Pean, and Rob Lefkowitz, will join Wikia as full time employees and will remain focused on the ArmchairGM community.
As Per Taparia Make Dimension Quantity 1 Flat File 2Nd Cut Fl-1502 Taparia/Jk/Gedore 150Mm 10 Nos 2 Half Round File 2Nd Cut Hr-1503 Taparia/Jk/Gedore 150Mm 10 Nos 3 Half Round File 2Nd Cut Hr-2002 Taparia/Jk/Gedore 200Mm 5 Nos 4 Half Round File Smooth Cut Hr-2503 Taparia/Jk/Gedor 250Mm 5 Nos 5 Half Round File 2Nd Cut Hr-3002 Taparia/Jk/Gedore 300Mm 4 Nos 6 Round File 2Nd Cut Rd-2002 Taparia/Jk/Gedore 200 Mm 4 Nos 7 Triangular File Smooth 3Sq1503 Taparia/Jk/Gedore 150 Mm 20 Nos 8 Ball Pean Hammer With Handlewh- 800 Taparia/Jk/Gedore 800 Gm 30 Nos 9.
Il s'agit d'une conference autour du journalisme d'investigation qui sera animee le 26 juin prochain a Alger par le journaliste francais Pierre Pean, auteur du celebre ouvrage [beaucoup moins que]Main basse sur Alger[beaucoup plus grand que].
Euro- pean operations will be handled out of Glasgow, with Australian projects being run from Melbourne.
sted ld pean " The 25-year-old is now in Paris on the next leg of her European tour.
Interestingly, on the same day, Reynold's ex-flame Scarlett Johannson, with whom he parted ways in December, was photographed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with rumored new beau, Sean Pean.
Dos temas sobre los que varias veces volvio Stresser Pean han sido el culto a los puntos cardinales entre los mismos huastecos y lo concerniente a los ritos del famoso Palo Volador y el que se conoce como Comelagatoazte.
8% during the period, while Euro- pean equities fell by 4.
pean Tour - at the Czech Open in 1996 - Lomas is turning into something of a late developer.
I WONDER what part Speke Hall had in Liverpool winning the Euro pean City of Culture?