peaked cap

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a cap with a flat circular top and a visor

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From today, bobbies on the beat across West Yorkshire will wear peaked caps instead of the so-called Custodian helmet.
He was wearing a black peaked cap with matching grey top and trousers with blue stripes down the sides.
But one has to question the choice of headwear - while thousands of his fellow cyclists took to the streets in garishly coloured aero-dynamic helmets he donned a traditional peaked cap.
He was wearing a black peaked cap and a black woollen scarf covering the lower part of his face.
He was wearing a black hooded top over his head with a peaked cap, dark jeans and dirty white trainers.
The Super Bass singer dressed in a loud leopard-print trouser suit with a mismatched leopard-print peaked cap as she performed on US TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live in Los Angeles this week.
The lone gunman, thought to be white, around 5ft 6in to 5ft 8in tall and wearing a peaked cap, is understood to have walked off calmly before escaping in a waiting car.
The singer ditched her trademark raunchy outfits for a comfortable puffa jacket, a skull and cross print tee, black jeans and studded biker boots, topped off with a black and white peaked cap.
In England we will engage with the National Commissioning Board and seek a better way of agreeing and remunerating enhanced services and a reduction in peaked cap bureaucracy.
He was wearing a black hooded top with peaked cap underneath and a scarf covering his face, blue jeans and golf style black gloves with white palms.
The building has a running cornice that traces every angle in a visual displacement and juxtaposition, acting like a peaked cap that protects the eyes and allows distances to be perceived across the rolling down land of Claverton.
He's dressed in a tidy denim shirt, corduroy pants and carries a peaked cap, protection from the city's inclement March weather.
He also wears a leather bomber jacket and a blue peaked cap.
He was wearing a black balaclava, a black peaked cap and a black shellsuit.
The Home Secretary or the Prime Minister would be asked in the House of Commons to condemn the yobbery and the local Chief Constable would be asked to hand in his peaked cap for failing to prevent it.