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Synonyms for peak



  • culminate
  • climax
  • come to a head
  • be at its height
  • reach its highest point
  • reach the zenith

Synonyms for peak

the projecting rim on the front of a cap

to reach or bring to a climax

of or constituting a climax

Synonyms for peak

the most extreme possible amount or value

the period of greatest prosperity or productivity

the highest level or degree attainable

the top or extreme point of something (usually a mountain or hill)

the highest point (of something)

a brim that projects to the front to shade the eyes

to reach the highest point

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Geological Survey (USGS) predicted that world oil production would peak in nine years.
Al Husseini also said that he believed that world oil would peak at 95 million barrels per day in 2015.
The first parameter was the greatest number of ILI cases, defined as the greatest number of RC/S/W in each prefecture The second parameter was the increasing-to-peak period, defined as the time from the week RC/S/W was >50% of peak to the week of the peak.
As such, its infrared spectrum is essentially that of trans-polybutadiene with a sharp peak at 2,238 [cm.
As mentioned above, the combination of narrow peaks, accurate peak positions and intensities has advantages for crystallographic measurements.
The peak indicated that the chemists had made a new molecule with 529 atomic mass units -- the total number of protons and neutrons.
PEAK Technologies, a Platinum Equity Company, is a systems integrator of supply chain automation and inventory management solutions delivering tangible return on investment to some of the world's largest corporations.
Specimen #3C showed a 6% rise in temperature peak difference, which was not expected.
East Peak is also pleased to announce the successful close of the sale of MAK Technologies, a visual computing software developer of simulation tools and toolkits used by the military and defense industry, to Singapore Technologies Engineering, Ltd.
At the same time the resolution, defined as [lambda]/[DELTA][lambda] (where A is the wavelength and [DELTA][lambda] the peak width), increases with 6, owing to the decreasing effect of aberrations of the curved crystal geometry, though this is subject to modification owing to variations in counter efficiency.
From here, traverse the northwest contours around Lawlor, passing the journey's high point, 5,275 feet, where Strawberry Peak - the highest of the San Gabriel Mountains' front range and its only one to offer more than a mere stroll to the summit - first comes into sight.
Peak 10 is building a second data center in Jacksonville to meet current and future demand for infrastructure hosting and high-end managed services.
The volume fraction of material in a particular textured population is characterized by joining together the results of two diffraction measurements, the first being the intensity of a Bragg peak diffracted by the textured planes, and the second being the width of the texture profile measured using that peak.