peacock flower

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If it's sheer glamour and spectacle you're after, there is nothing to match the Peacock flower (Tigridia pavonia).
Gerry O'Neill, Holyhead, Anglesey I 2 PRESUME you mean Tigridia, known as peacock flower, not tiger lilies, which have orange lily blooms.
THE spectacular flowers of the peacock flower, or tigridia, are a blend of the characteristics of tulips and iris.
In the same plant family, Iridaceae - the Peacock Flower (Tigridia) - is truly exotic.
She can transport the reader with vibrantly detailed descriptions of settings, sounds, smells, flora and fauna: 'A pair of long-tailed parakeets flew past the bushes of the yellow-and-orange peacock flowers, twirling like flames around the boundary of the lake.