peacock butterfly

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European butterfly having reddish-brown wings each marked with a purple eyespot

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BIRDS: Derek Blemings snapped this pair of puffins at the Farne Islands NAUTICAL SCENE: Upturned boats on Holy Island, by Carl Haynes COLOURFUL: A peacock butterfly feeding on a buddleja plant, which is known as the butterfly plant.
Although the importance of bees is widely recognised, let's also give credit to and raise awareness of our lesser-known pollinators, including the peacock butterfly, hummingbird hawk moth and marmalade hoverfly.
LESS than a quarter of Britons are able to identify a sycamore tree and twothirds cannot recognise a peacock butterfly, a survey for the Natural History Museum revealed today.
COLOURFUL SYMMETRY: This beautiful peacock butterfly was captured on a Fuji Finepix f401 by John Moor of Guisborough sent in this picture of the ruins of Helmsley Castle MIDDLESBROUGH'S FINEST: This picture of the Transporter Bridge was sent in by John Holland surfing at Saltburn, using a Nikon D90
Jim Brady listened to a blackbird in full song in Prescot, while a peacock butterfly was on the wing there last week.
The focus is on six key signs, sightings of bumblebee, seven-spot ladybird, frogspawn, peacock butterfly, hawthorn and swift.
The peacock butterfly is so named because the eye patterns on its wings resemble those on the tail feathers of a peacock.
If you want to take part in Springwatch and register your first sightings of spring, including swifts, a flowering hawthorn or a peacock butterfly you can log on to bbb.
The natural area is a haven for the local wildlife including Kingfisher, heron, peacock butterfly, dragonfly and water shrew.
VI Peacock Butterfly in Morpeth by Flickr member Stephen Lewins
ASIF revelling in the late arrival of summer sun, the peacock butterfly basked on the path at Dempsey Towers, lazily flexing its wings.
They show (clockwise from top left): A comma butterfly; a painted lady butterfly; an elephant hawk-moth caterpillar; a willow-herb hawk-moth; a bee inside a passion flower; and a peacock butterfly.
Peacock Butterfly SINCE creating a meadow area in his INCE creating a meadow area in his own back garden three years ago, Sir David Attenborough has enjoyed an inux of wildlife and is this year hoping to see a wide range of butteries visiting it.
THIS picture of a peacock butterfly was taken in Ryton Woods at the end of April, by Harry Nixon, of The Jordans, Allesley Park, Coventry; TONY NIXON, of Garth Crescent, Binley, Coventry, took this great shot in his back garden.
AT MARSHSIDE, near Southport, on Monday, Mike Bird found two small tortoiseshells, one peacock butterfly, two 11 spot ladybirds and two red tailed bumblebees.