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Synonyms for peacock

to walk with exaggerated or unnatural motions expressive of self-importance or self-display

Synonyms for peacock

European butterfly having reddish-brown wings each marked with a purple eyespot

male peafowl

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Tom and his father had alighted at the Peacock at about seven in the evening; and having heard with unfeigned joy the paternal order, at the bar, of steaks and oyster-sauce for supper in half an hour, and seen his father seated cozily by the bright fire in the coffee-room with the paper in his hand, Tom had run out to see about him, had wondered at all the vehicles passing and repassing, and had fraternized with the boots and hostler, from whom he ascertained that the Tally-ho was a tip-top goer--ten miles an hour including stoppages--and so punctual that all the road set their clocks by her.
And just as he is swallowing his last mouthful, winding his comforter round his throat, and tucking the ends into the breast of his coat, the horn sounds; boots looks in and says, "Tally-ho, sir;" and they hear the ring and the rattle of the four fast trotters and the town-made drag, as it dashes up to the Peacock.
Hostler, boots, and the Squire stand looking after them under the Peacock lamp.
Instead of being exhausted, he gathered strength as he went on; and, struggling up against the torrent, he at last gained the opposite shore, clambered up the bank, and set down the old dame and her peacock safely on the grass.
Her peacock, which had now fluttered down from her shoulder, strutted behind her in a prodigious pomp, and spread out its magnificent tail on purpose for Jason to admire it.
When the old dame and her peacock were out of sight, Jason set forward on his journey.
Circe, my father's sister, taught me to be one, and I could tell you, if I pleased, who was the old woman with the peacock, the pomegranate, and the cuckoo staff, whom you carried over the river; and, likewise, who it is that speaks through the lips of the oaken image, that stands in the prow of your galley.
A little way before him, he beheld the old woman whom he had helped over the stream, with her peacock beside her.
The team observed in the villages there was no water facility to peacock and they have salted water to drink because of it they face the problem of diarrhea.
MULTAN -- People's interest in rearing Peacock is on a rise especially in culturally rich region of South Punjab.
Peacock, the leading spices and masala brand, has exceeded the sales targets for the first half of this calendar year.
The Northwest Arkansas Council named Nelson Peacock as its CEO on Tuesday.
But for fisherman in South Florida, the peacock bass is the staple in the local freshwater systems.
Founded 130 years ago by Albert Peacock in 1884 as a Penny Bazaar selling anything and everything, Peacock's founding principle of value has helped the company develop a successful business that continued to grow throughout the twentieth century.
THE national bird is on the brink of extinction in Rajasthan due to the alarming rise in peacock poaching, conservationists say.