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Synonyms for peacefulness

Synonyms for peacefulness

a state that is calm and tranquil

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the absence of mental stress or anxiety

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The successfully implemented state program "Azerbaijani Youth in 2017-2021" and the presence in it of an article on the promotion of national-religious tolerance, peacefulness and humanistic values among young people have proved that the state policy in Azerbaijan is based on such principles as strengthening tolerance and dialogue, observance of rights youth and the strengthening of modern values," the message said.
The score for the Mena, the least peaceful region in the world in last year's report, dropped further as regional conflicts intensified, dragging down global peacefulness.
He noted that Tunisia was the source of the first spark of a peaceful process of reform and change in the Arab region and that it managed to maintain peacefulness of its revolution.
In its newly released Global Peace Index (GPI), the IEP ranked Bahrain 107th out of 162 countries for its levels of peacefulness.
She outlines its format, which uses a mini-lesson that focuses on a specific social or emotional skill--getting along in groups, empathy, kindness, peacefulness, responsibility, self-control, perseverance, and giving and receiving feedback--and describes how to extend the workshop to literacy lessons.
For their part, the defence stressed that the defendant had called for peacefulness throughout his public speeches and sermons.
Meanwhile, his eminence underlined the peacefulness of the pro-democracy movement.
On the other hand, those in Eastern cultures tend to see the self in relation to others; thus, they are more likely to experience other-related emotions, such as empathy, peacefulness, indebtedness, and shame.
Repeat customers enjoy the peacefulness in a tranquil, laid-back environment close to the water where they can swim with the manatees,go scalloping, etc.
GPI, which was first released in 2007, measures the degree of peacefulness of countries around the world using three broad themes: the level of safety and security in society; the extent of domestic or international conflict; and the degree of militarization.
The index is published annually by the IEP and ranks countries based on the levels of internal and external peacefulness.
Friday Prayers for Egypt: Absolute Peacefulness Teach Egypt, God, the meaning of absolute peacefulness.
We are creating an urban sanctuary that extends the peacefulness and natural beauty of the High Line," said developer Jeffrey Katz, president of Sherwood Equities.
I love the peacefulness of the area and the fantastic views of Fan y Big.
Security agencies focus their attention on how to suppress political activists despite the peacefulness of their ways of expression," said Ali of the April 6 Youth.