peace of mind

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Synonyms for peace of mind

the absence of mental stress or anxiety

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Your peace of mind,' said Wegg, offering condolence, 'your peace of mind was in a poor way that night.
And I remember you said that night, sitting there as I sat here--said that night when your peace of mind was first laid low, that you had taken an interest in these very affairs.
In the interest of your own peace of mind be satisfied with your husband's affection.
What has it ever brought me but anxious days and sleepless nights; but loss of health and peace of mind, and gain of feebleness and sorrow
of my followers, that, beneath whatever roof they locate, they disturb the peace of mind and happiness of some confiding female?
Go 'long now, the whole kit and biling of ye; and don't come nigh me again till I've got back my peace of mind.
He could lie at full length along a swaying branch, stretching his giant limbs, and luxuriating in the blessed peace of utter thoughtlessness, without an apprehension or a worry to sap his nervous energy and rob him of his peace of mind.
We are always looking at how we can make stepping into turbine ownership easier, and the Peace of Mind incentive eliminates any uncertainty around maintenance costs by providing comprehensive maintenance protection through industry leading programs, said Kriya Shortt, senior vice president, Sales and Marketing.
That's because ALTA has provided a new benchmark by which to judge the ability to provide peace of mind in the real estate settlement process.
It offers peace of mind to holidaymakers and means you are financially protected.
Now with 24 hours AAA roadside assistance, safety and peace of mind is doubly assured, a press release said.
The Dalai Lama, after inaugurating an exhibition called Footprints of Buddhism, said, "Genuine happiness, genuine satisfaction and peace of mind (is achieved) only through mental training and not through technology.
Customers can walk into any DIB branch and walk out with their policy and the peace of mind that they are instantaneously covered u it is that simple
Any individual or business residing anywhere in earthquake country, whether it be within California, on the Pacific Rim or elsewhere, needs Peace of Mind in Earthquake Country.
On the other hand, hatred, jealousy and fear upset our peace of mind, make us agitated and affect our body adversely.