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any of various plants of the genus Spathiphyllum having a white or green spathe and a spike of fragrant flowers and often cultivated as an ornamental

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Peace Lily has a pretty, curving white blooms and dark leaves, while Heart Leaf Philodendron's perky, dark green leaves come to a heart shape where they meet the stems, making it a quintessential easy indoor plant.
HI DIARMUID, I have a peace lily which I've had for a few years.
As one continues exploring this exciting new addition to Grosvenor House, you will see Planters' work all the way through, with stunningly preserved Spathiphyllum or peace lily and magnificent orchids in exquisitely designed planters.
Spathiphyllum Viscount (a hybrid from the Peace Lily family).
Burchett has demonstrated the efficacy of common houseplants, like the peace lily or dracaena 'Janet Craig,' in real life settings with or without air conditioning.
During the study, they identified and measured the amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted by four popular indoor potted plant species Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Weeping Fig and Areca Palm.
To my grandma, not a day goes by without me thinking of you, you are truly missed and are always in my heart, thoughts and dreams, you will never be forgotten and always will be remembered, even writing this I can hear your voice and when that rainbow came for you and you were taken, apart of us left too and stayed with you, just as a part of you will always be with us too, so Rest in Peace Lily, love and miss you loads, Alison and Trevor xx.
The peace lily will flourish in buildings with no natural light and provide interesting blossoms.
Boston fern, lady palm, bamboo palm, peace lily, corn, weeping fig and florists mum .
In a zappy intro, we meet dedicated cop Nicholas Angel (Pegg), whose idea of an evening's entertainment is watering his Japanese peace lily.
Pictured in hard copy version of this feature are: Lady Palm; Boston Fern; Snake Plant, the only plant that produces oxygen and removes carbon dioxide at night -- great for a bedroom garden; English Ivy; Peace Lily.
The "stand up" campaign will also see 200 business receive a peace lily with the message "stand up for what you believe in" and a small Co-operative Bank logo.
Gwen, Monica, and Corey Collins are presented with a peace lily at the meeting commemorating James Collins, a faithful member of the chapter since its chartering, Scholarships awarded from the chapter were given in James's name.
The race was won by Fulke Johnson Houghton's Peace Lily, who provided a chance ride for Steve Carson as he deputised for Shane Kelly.
Philodendrons belong to the arum family (Araceae), which includes many popular indoor plants such as devil's ivy (Pothos), arrowhead vine (Syngonium), Swiss cheese plant (Monstera), peace lily (Spathiphyllum), dumb cane (Dieffenbachia) and Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema).