pea weevil

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larvae live in and feed on seeds of the pea plant

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The objectives of this research were (i) to determine the extent of pod and seed resistance to pea weevil in P.
cultivars (Messina, 1984) and was used to quantify pea weevil mortality and survival on P.
However, differences in adult emergence rates between Pullman and South Perth trials were not of a magnitude for us to conclude that significant variability exists among pea weevil populations in eastern Washington and Western Australia for virulence to resistant P.
The PI 560065 life table characterizes pea weevil susceptibility in P.
Indeed, this seems to apply to pea weevil resistance in P.
Pea weevil and pea crop maturation: Opportunities for the cultural control of pea weevils by early harvesting of peas.
Some notes on the biology of the pea weevil, Bruchus pisorum (L.
A study of the biology and control of the pea weevil, Bruchus pisorum (L.