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husk of a pea


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Effect of biorational approaches on pigeon pea pod and grain damage by pod bug (Clavigralla gibbosa).
Somehow, I doubt Mickelson can do the splits, let alone attempt them in a pea pod costume.
The researchers worked with hollow, 1-nanometer-wide carbon nanotubes, which they stuffed pea pod style with buckyballs--soccer ball--shape molecules of 60 carbon atoms.
Big is the largest home garden English pea pod on the market, making it easier to find on vines, to harvest and to shell.
The PEA POD will be used to establish the first substantial compilation of body composition data/norms on infant populations.
Just as I'm happy to leave, I gasp suddenly, the lion's missing his pea pod tail
Ruth Sanderson, of Blue Pea Pod, warns that many firms have asked employees to take on more work during the downturn.
HARRISON FORD is the stalk of the town as he turns up for a Hallowe'en do dressed as a giant pea pod.
I don't know the difference between an iPod and a pea pod.
Rich fall colors of tomato red, pumpkin orange, pea pod green and eggplant purple make up Green Babies' veggie patch line of pants, cardigans, hats, rompers and tee shirts ($17 to $22).
on April the 29th announced the launch of the PEA POD Infant Body Composition System for use in research and clinical settings.
d) Supply of Paddy straw (approx 200MT), Pea pod, Apple waste (Pomaice)
Rationing during the Second World War caused cooks to come up with creative ideas and the menu is set to bring back some favourites including, fish envelopes, pea pod soup, corned beef hash, Woolton Pie (named after the then Minister of Food), raised pork pie and the apparently delicious vinegar cake.
Chicken pea pod salad - Toss lots of diced cooked chicken breast with chopped green onions and thawed frozen Chinese pea pods with a dressing with Oriental overtones.
The young people really understood this and had some fantastically creative ideas about how a pea pod could be used to make our new PEA pod be a child and family-friendly place.