pea green

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a shade of green tinged with yellow

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Sinew-sewn and beaded using colors of red white-heart, pea green, dark blue, and white; classic geometric elements decorate leggings; moccasins are designed with a cross embellished with faceted marcasite beads, height 14 in.
In the Grand Annual at the festival last season, Chris Pea Green was travelling eye-catchingly well when coming down at the top of the hill and he had no trouble going the pace, unlike many of the others in the race.
Moore is always well represented at Plumpton, operating at nearly a 20 per cent strikerate, and as the course offer a bonus for any horse that wins there and then goes on to success at the Cheltenham Festival, at least Chris Pea Green has completed the first half of the deal.
Joshua Moore riding <B Chris Pea Green on their way to winning The Autumn Gala Novices' Steeple Chase at Plumpton racecourse
Chris Pea Green was beaten too far in the Ladbroke to suggest he can take this from the same mark, while Dell' Arca was all out to defy a 7lb lower mark at Cheltenham and didn't look like being better than placed in the Ladbroke before being brought down.
Beige raincoat, pounds 70, from Wallis; Brown raincoat, pounds 60, from Wallis; Cerise raincoat, pounds 45, from Dorothy Perkins; Pea green mac, pounds 70, from Wallis, also on front cover; Royal blue mac, pounds 45, from Dorothy Perkins
The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat.
Staff pilfering reaches new heights at the store and an accidental death involving a stolen strimmer forces store supervisor Llew Lewis and his sidekick Desmond (Self) to account for 300 litres of pea green emulsion and some 200 luminous garden gnomes.
California favorites, Eiseman predicts, will include sheer, well-washed pastels and neutrals (perfect for window coverings); a return-to-nature color story with lots of greens and also a cheerful color combo of sweet pea green and primrose yellow and cyclamen pink (think Easter egg colors) that should go well with the new take on French country that's coming into furniture stores.
The soup cans still look fresh and Ruscha's canvas has the same sickly, pea green subversiveness (in the sky, over a pus-colored museum) it did when Ferns's announcement for it noted that the city fire marshal would be present at the opening.
They include Egg Yellow, French Pink, Orange, Pea Green, Red and Orleans Blue.
To spruce up the exterior of this flat and worn tan colored building and attract tenants, we are stripping the old facade and using such design elements as, new soft pea green stucco with dark green cornices, two new copper entrance canopies, decorative columns and dark green shutters with white trim," says Doug Horst, president, Horst Design International.
So the SgwadNewyddu gang decided to give the room a retro 70s feel, with two thirds of the room painted in pea green and the rest in white.
He was was wearing a pea green raincoat with the hood around his face.
Wherever he is today, Walter Winchell must be positively pea green with envy.