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a proportion in relation to a whole (which is usually the amount per hundred)

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Correlation existed between PCT levels at T1 and duration of CPB ( P = 0.
7,8 Through observing the changes of PCT and CRP levels, this study investigated the values of them in the diagnosis and treatment of COPD in combination with bacterial infection.
As a result of the MOSES study, Thermo Fisher Scientific received expanded FDA clearance for its BRAHMS PCT biomarker assay for sepsis risk assessment.
We studied the role of serum PCT as a predictor of prognosis in CAP in relation to other inflammatory biomarkers, such as CRP and TLC, as well as already existing predictive clinical scores, such as PSI and CURB65.
The vast majority of research on PCT has focused on its use as biomarker for invasive infection in the setting of sepsis.
Ivanov of the Harvard School of Public Health, and another Beta Site tester of the PCT MicroTube Adapter Kit, commented: "Data generated in our laboratory over the past few months show that PCT results in the identification of more unique peptides than our standard sample preparation technique for mass spectrometry.
In general, the PCT payor's best realistic alternative to entering into the CSA would be to license intangibles to be developed by an uncontrolled licensor that undertakes the commitment to bear the entire risk of intangible development that would otherwise have been shared under the CSA.
An olive branch was extended to the PCT in the form of discussions regarding an adjacent site in Irby Road, which is not designated green belt.
Although a PCT assay is approved in Europe, it is not widely available.
Chastre said that in evaluating the severity and progression of pneumonia, PCT levels should always be considered in conjunction with other clinical parameters.
From October 1 Langbaurgh PCT will be re-established as Redcar and Cleveland PCT incorporating an additional 40,000 patients from the Eston area currently under control of Middlesbrough PCT.
Thermx PCT materials give DuPont a specialty polyester with heat resistance beyond that of its Crastin PBT and Rynite PET lines.
PCT reflects the severity of bacterial infection and has been used as a marker for the diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring of sepsis, severe sepsis, and septic shock of bacterial origin (6-10).
It streamlines procedures for filing and prosecuting international applications under the PCT and carries out amendments to the PCT Regulations that the PCT Assembly had approved during last year's meeting of the Governing Bodies of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
Newest Partner will Anchor PCT Law Group's New South Florida Office