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a slip of paper included with your pay that records how much money you have earned and how much tax or insurance etc

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The research further found that overpaying tax due to payroll issues was just as prevalent across employees of companies of all sizes, but employees of smaller businesses are far less likely to even check their payslip for mistakes.
That's according to accountancy firm QuickBooks UK which claims 18% of employees - 5.9 million - fail to check their payslip each month while 22million believe tax errors are not their responsibility.
Similarly, B-Roll can also be utilized by small companies comprising of 10-member teams to issue their payslips on the blockchain.
span xml:lang="EN-GBSince then I show GB my payslip every month.
ALMOST 300,000 workers will start receiving payslips for the first time under a package of new employment laws coming into force, ministers have said.
Dad waved them a cheery goodbye and he kept that signed payslip for years.
The new law is likely to benefit around 300,000 UK workers who do not currently get a payslip.
The government published its Good Work plan last month, which announced the right to a payslip for all workers.
"The recent announcement that all workers will have a right to payslips stating the hours they have worked - an idea originally proposed by the LPC - is a positive step." The new law is likely to benefit around 300,000 UK workers who do not currently get a payslip.
If their salary is not transferred to the bank, a client shall present the aforementioned documents, a recent monthly salary payslip or a bank statement for the last six months.
The payslip documents feed what has long been a major public concern, that revolutionaries may engage in revolutionary talk, but they are mainly concerned about feathering their own nests.
The payslip of Britain's topearning executive is more than PS29million.
TSB are asking cutomers who are interested in receiving financial assistance to call into a local branch with a payslip or proof of due payment as well as proof of identity.
Auto Business News-May 9, 2012--PSA Peugeot Citroen launches online pensioner payslip service(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing -