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Artegall, however briefly, turns Turk, with even the Souldan's wife Adicia thinking him 'her Paynim knight' (viii.
The external threat of radical Islam--pardon the pleonasm--may be the geatest threat to Western civilization since 1571 when the Battle of Lepanto checked the incursion of what we used to call the paynim foe into Europe.
The second is maxim 5 of Part II, 'When men left the Paynim Religion they became altogether corrupted, so that they neither beleeued in God nor the Divell.
The male protagonist of this passage (Tancredi) is in love with Clorinda, the beautiful paynim with whom he is at war; hence, in Petrarchan terms, she is assailing him with two deaths ("due morti") at once.
But at other, less surface levels, there is a power in the Paynim harper's (i.
When in the stricken pass of Roncevaux The good knight Roland, sorely battle-worn Among the paynim traitors, will not blow One blast of succour on his ivory horn.
He blames the corruption of his order on its openness to the cultures of its enemies: "they are charged with studying the accursed cabalistical secrets of the Jews, and the magic of the Paynim Saracens" (306).
Thomson's allegory follows the westward march of progress celebrated by eighteenth-century poets; Byron's journey takes the opposite course: "Without a sigh he left, to cross the brine, / And traverse Paynim shores, and pass Earth's central line" (Childe 2:11).
They let of our true Paynims be slaughtered many a knight.
10) "Thou shalt have vengeance upon the heathen horde," an angel in the Chanson de Roland tells Charlemagne, who declares, at the epic's end, "Never to Paynims may I show love or peace.
See laisses 32, 47, 104, 187, 142, 187 (in which twenty thousand Paynims destroy the shrines and idols of their gods, whom they believe have abandoned them: "Into a ditch they boot away Mahound / For pigs and dogs to mangle and befoul"), 194, 195, 235, 253, and 264.
When Madeline goes to sleep, expecting to be visited by her fantasy, she is drawn into a deathlike state; she is "Blissfully haven'd both from joy and pain; / Clasp'd like a missal where swart Paynims pray; / Blinded alike from sunshine and from rain, / As though a rose should shut, and be a bud again" (240-43).
De Mornay was a Protestant writer, but in his De la Verite de la Religion Chrestienne, published in Antwerp in 1581 when he was just thirty, he avoided inter-Christian polemics in favor of a universal appeal through reason and authority to convince "Atheists, Epicures, Paynims, Iewes, Mahumetists, and other Infidels," as the title page calls them, to accept the one true Christian faith.
An old rhyme came into my head and rang Of how a virgin, for the faith of God, Hid herself, from the Paynims that pursued, In a cave's heart; until a thunderstone, Wrapped in a flame, revealed the couch and prey: And they laughed--'Thanks to lightning, ours at last