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the amount of money paid out per unit time

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The payment rate for the year ended in March 2009 represented a 1.8 point drop from fiscal 2008 for the third straight year of decline, and falls far short of the government's target of 80 percent, said the report released by the Social Insurance Agency.
An adjustment to the primary base payment rate to account for cost differentials among (a) geographic areas, (b) various lab settings, and (c) serving different patient populations, such as SNF residents.
Evaluation and Management (E/M) visits--The maximum allowable reimbursement for all E/M CPT codes has been increased to 90% of the average Medicare payment rate. For codes not reimbursed by Medicare, rates were increased to 90% of the national average payment rate.
Perhaps those words should be inscribed above the entrance to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) offices in Baltimore, where bureaucrats have settled on proposed payment rates for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) that they say "more closely reflect differences in patient care needs."
After the first year of the five-year bill, the Senate version of the Farm Bill raises the MILC payment rate from 34% to 45% of the difference between $16.94/100 lbs, and the monthly Class I milk price in Boston (which was the original payment when the MILC was created in 2001).
* Because the CF/SGR payment rate is a single national base price, there is no incentive for individual physicians to control volume.
Another excellent, short term, low rate is available from Egg with a slightly higher initial payment rate of 4.74 per cent.
It criticises the poor performance of many benches in collecting the cash and the fact that payment rates exclude cancelled fines and include money from penalties imposed in previous years.
Five had payment rates of under 10 per cent, while 33 managed to get less than half of offenders to pay up.
By setting the beneficiary's deposit equal to the countywide average payment rate, the plan potentially leaves higher-risk beneficiaries with less than they might need (i.e., it is more likely those beneficiaries will need to use their own money to supplement the lump sum deposit before meeting the deductible).
This gives a slightly higher initial payment rate of 4.74% but has no redemption penalties so you could switch to another low rate immediately after your discount finishes.
VNUS also announced today its business outlook for the fourth quarter of 2004 and the 2005 Medicare reimbursement payment rates for hospitals and physicians using its Closure system for the treatment of venous reflux disease patients.
* In Kansas, Medicaid reimbursement rates were not reduced, although the unit payment rate system continues to be a problem.
"In the first two months, the payment rate has been 30 per cent.
The base payment rate would be adjusted by certain factors, such as each patient's particular condition, comorbidities, and age.
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